Last night, November 30, I saw Jackass star Steve-O at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore. He was there for his multimedia Bucket List tour. I am going to discuss my experience at Steve-O’s Bucket List show. BUT for risk of copyright infringement and violations AND to avoid any spoilers for any potential Bucket List attendees, I am just going to give my overall thoughts and refrain from mentioning any stunts. Also due to the nature of the stunts, I am not about to get kicked off WordPress for lewd material.

Steve-O’s show was supposed to start at 7pm. Much to my surprise, the show did indeed start at 7pm…kind of. This is the ONLY “Spoiler” for the show. The way the Bucket List show works is, Steve-O comes onstage, sets up the premise of a stunt he filmed that is too much for Jackass or Social Media, and shows the clip of said stunt. Rinse and Repeat.

So before Steve-O came onstage in person, the venue’s House Lights went down. What followed was a 20-25 minute *VERY* explicit video of Steve-O welcoming us to his show. That was light-hearted and funny. But then things kinda took a turn. After the video came a warning video: NO FILMING OR PHOTOGRAPHY! And they were VERY strict about this. Steve-O actually confronted a guy in the front row for pulling out his phone to scroll through email and texts. And I don’t blame him at all! You’re at a Goddamn COMEDY SHOW! PAY ATTENTION! It’s rude! In the words of Steve-O, (sorry for the language), “Put your fucking phone away or get the fuck out!” The guy left! But yeah, if you even glanced at your phone to check the time, you’d run the risk of being thrown out.

I did buy a tee shirt from the show and it ran me $30. So kind of jacked up price, but I appreciate the fact they aren’t charging an arm and a leg for merchandise. The Merchandise line was INSANELY long, too!

Going back to the No Photo or Video policy, there was one exception. At the very end of the show, after all the clips were over, Steve-O told the audience, “I want EVERYONE to take their phones out to take a photo!” As he said that, he stood on a stool. He took the photo op a step further and said, “By all means post this photo to your Social Media. Just Tag me in the post. Every single photo I see on Instagram I double-tap personally.”

Then after the show came the REAL highlight…at least for me. Steve-O’s tour bus was parked right behind the Lyric. So after about 30 minutes, the man himself came out and interacted with us. He was signing autographs and taking photos with people. The autographs were cut off at a certain point, so I didn’t get one. But what I did get was arguably better. I got a photo and a personal “Yeah Dude!”

I am glad to see Steve-O has turned his life around. Well, around enough as possible for a Professional Idiot. It used to be all sex, drugs and booze with him. Now he is 14 years sober, is engaged to his fiancé Lux, and is a very strict Vegan whose ultimate goal is to open an Animal Sanctuary. He is still an idiot, sure, but that’s to be expected. He’s built an empire on being, literally, a Jackass. But in Steve-O’s own words, he is “A total attention whore!”

One minor gripe I had with the show is its duration. The whole show was barely over an hour. And going back to the Animal Sanctuary idea, Steve-O actually had a dog and representative from the Humane Society in Reisterstown come onstage to promote his ideals. He was gushing about Lux, which I could see being kind of a turn-off for some. To me, it just shows how dedicated and devoted Steve-O is to his girl. So I didn’t mind. Plus Lux was often front-and-center in the clips as the camera operator.

So do I ultimately recommend seeing Steve-O on his highly promoted Bucket List tour? Um…honestly I am extremely hesitant to say yes. He has a very niche audience—albeit an extremely DEVOTED and very dedicated niche audience—and the show is an “18+ XXX Rated” show. So in all honesty, I think unless you know what to expect, I’m leaning towards no. And that isn’t a dig at Steve-O or his show at all. I personally enjoyed it, but I’m a guy who kind of “matured” watching Steve-O and the rest of the Jackass guys do dumb, death-defying shit. And the Jackass series, although rated TV-MA, was a TV show so they were limited as to what was allowed. The Jackass films held back a little and all had R ratings. This is no-holding-back, no censors, “fuck you I’m doing this” Steve-O. And you know if something is too much for Jackass…IT’S BAD! The Bucket List is, literally and figuratively, a total shit show.

So that’s my spoiler-free review of Steve-O’s Bucket List show in Baltimore on November 30, 2022. Thanks for reading!




I have been to a TON of theme parks and amusement parks in my life. And Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is EASILY bar-none my favorite Amusement Park! (Disney is my favorite Theme Park.) I have had the pleasure of visiting Cedar Point three times now. I think this place is kind of a Pilgrimage to Mecca for thrill seekers. So today I am going to attempt to rank and rate all the shows, rides, and events I have personally experienced at this world-renowned park.

Starting off as a Disclaimer, I have been to Cedar Point during both Summer Nights and HalloWeekends. So comparing the park during these events is night and day. Starting off with shows, for Summer Nights, the clear-cut winner to me here is LUMINOSITY. This Summer show is AMAZING! It is a 25 minute long EPIC spectacle! It has fog, choreographed dancing, audience interaction, and fireworks…all within less than a half hour! Another show I want to mention is the now-defunct All Wheels Extreme. This show had trampoline acts, acrobatics, bikes, skateboards, and roller blading. It was good, but just not my kind of interest.

As for HalloWeekends, my favorite show was Happily Never After. This show takes place in the Western-themed Frontier area of the Park in a Saloon. So you can stop in for a drink AND rock out to music! This show, again, has singing and choreographed dancing. BUT unlike Luminosity, which relies on Pop music, Happily Never After features pure straight-up rock music and “themed” songs that pertain to Halloween. The two that come to mind are Thunderstruck by AC/DC and, oddly, Come Little Children which I recall being from the Disney film Hocus Pocus. As for the Haunted Houses, they were decent. FREAK SHOW was my favorite. I did not get a chance to do CornStalkers, which I am sure would have taken top spot. Freak Show was themed to, well, a Circus freak show. The Scare Actors were interesting. Some didn’t try to scare you. Rather, they’d try to hold a legit conversation with you so other Scare Actors could sneak up on you to scare you. The other Haunt was a little odd to me. It’s pitch black and you are handed a dim flashlight to look for the Scare Actors. It was an interesting concept, but the flashlights seemed to ruin or negate the scares. Plus I did the Haunts during the day when there were no lines. So that took some points away from the scare factor.

Now onto the hardest thing to rank at Cedar Point: the Rides. I am going to break this up into two categories: Coasters and Non-Coasters. I will include any rides I have experienced that are still operational and currently not operational. Starting off with Non-Coasters (Flat Rides), as an Honorable Mention, is Witch’s Wheel. This was a classic Enterprise ride. You sit in a cage with NO RESTRAINTS and spin upside-down more times that you can count. The positive G forces keep you pinned to your seat without falling or sliding around the cage. Starting off the “Real” countdown/ranking is Cedar Point’s Giant Wheel. This wheel is slow, BUT it gives you an amazing view of Cedar Point and Lake Erie. Next up is the Sky Ride. This gondola ride takes you on an aerial tour from one end of Cedar Point to the other. Up next we have the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad. This is a relaxing, leisurely steam train ride running the entire length of Cedar Point. Again, this ride is slow-moving, but it offers GREAT and unique views of 2 Coasters in Maverick and Millennium Force.

MaxAir is up next. This is a Pendulum ride. You spin slowly while rapidly gaining speed swinging high above the Midway. The reason I am placing MaxAir so low is because of the bulky shoulder restraints and slow load/unload process. Power Tower is next. This is four S&S Drop Towers that connect via a spire at the top of the structure. Each Tower is 275 feet tall. Two offer a slow ascent before you get blasted back down to the ground. The other two are the opposite. They are Space Shot rides, meaning instead of slowly lifting you up, you are LAUNCHED sky-high before dropping. The ride is kinda “meh” but the view is great! WindSeeker is up next. Take your average swing ride and put it 300 feet in the air. And that’s WindSeeker. Again, amazing views of Lake Erie and Cedar Point! My only gripe with WindSeeker is its tendency to close due to wind or any kind of inclement weather. But that’s a running theme with all rides here. By far my favorite Flat Ride at Cedar Point is Cedar Downs Racing Derby. The reason this ride is my favorite is because, honestly, it is a Guilty Pleasure ride of mine. Ok. So take your average carousel, add a racing aspect, and speed it up. That’s Cedar Downs. Oh, and add the fact that there are ZERO restraints and just a simple saddle bar to hold onto and you have a REALLY fun ride! Oh, AND there are only 3 of these High Speed Carousels in the World, and this ride is truly unique!

OK. Enough bs’ing. It’s time for the hardest thing to rank: the Roller Coasters. Cedar Point has SEVENTEEN Coasters. This is not the most Coasters in the World—that honor goes to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California with 20 Coasters—Cedar Point is still America’s Roller Coast. I am omitting Wilderness Run and Woodstock Express, seeing as Woodstock Express is a standard Vekoma Roller Skater model and Wilderness Run is a Coaster you need a child to ride. BUT Wilderness Run was the first Roller Coaster ever built by Intamin.

Starting off the real Coaster Countdown is Cedar Creek Mine Ride in Last Place. This is an Arrow Development Mine Train Coaster, much like Trailblazer at HersheyPark. This ride IS fun and scenic, but it is a little jerky and bumpy. That drop over the water is cool, though.

Up next is another Arrow Development Coaster in Corkscrew. This one is simple. Lift hill, drop, hill, Vertical Loop, Double Corkscrews, break. As such, Corkscrew is a short ride, BUT those over the shoulder harnesses DO cause discomfort.

Up next is the first (and so far only) Coaster at Cedar Point I have ridden to be closed and re-opened. This was Mean Streak. Mean Streak was a Dinn wooden Coaster that opened in 1991 as the World’s tallest wooden Coaster at 161 feet tall. I only rode Mean Streak once in 2015. It was the last ride I got on during my 2015 road trip to Cedar Point. It was nearing Midnight and I actually got a Zen ride, aka a solo ride, aka a ride to myself. Mean Streak was relatively smooth, albeit uneventful and a little boring. I have to say I DID ride in the front, so that may have helped.

Following Mean Streak is the only Coaster I have personally ridden at the Park to be fully dismantled. This was Wicked Twister. Wicked Twister was the World’s tallest Impulse Coaster. This Intamin Coaster’s layout was about as simple as you could get. All it consisted of was two vertical twisted spikes at either end of the layout. That’s it. You were launched forward and backward five times reaching a top speed of 72mph.

Gemini is next. This is actually two Hybrid Wood/Steel Coasters that race each other. The ride is fun and has airtime, but a few points were kind of bumpy.

It pains me to do this, but next up is the B&M Stand-Up-turned-Floorless Coaster, Rougarou. Rougarou is a weird Floorless Coaster. It was originally a Stand-Up Coaster called Mantis, but was converted to a Floorless Coaster a few years ago. I rode this Coaster in both forms. It’s decent but a little odd. It made more sense as a Stand-Up. It was more intense and I personally preferred it as Mantis. Per usual with Cedar Point, Mantis was the tallest B&M Stand-Up Coaster in the World when it opened in 1996 standing at 145 feet. It went 60mph over 3,900 feet of track. B&M Coasters are known to be intense, so I can see why the change was made.

And speaking of B&M, the B&M Inverted Coaster Raptor is next. NOW let me justify my ranking placement here. Raptor was down when I visited Cedar Point in 2020, so I am judging based on my 2015 Summer rides. Raptor is smooth from what I recall. And it’s a LONG Invert, too. But the sheer intensity is what I recall most. Old-School B&M Coasters are INTENSE AS HELL, as I said about Mantis. (Kumba is my personal favorite Old-School B&M by the way). What gets me most about Raptor is its sheer size and presentation. Raptor DOMINATES the Main Midway of Cedar Point and that green paint scheme and giant Cobra Roll are iconic to Cedar Point.

Next up is the classic Cedar Point Coaster, Blue Streak. This is Cedar Point’s only remaining “Real” Wooden Coaster. Blue Streak is nothing if iconic at Cedar Point. It isn’t tall or that fast—it was built in 1964–but it’s just pure fun! And for a Coaster that opened all the way back in 1964, it is still running fairly smooth!

Next in my ranking is Iron Dragon, yet ANOTHER ride from Arrow. This is another Guilty Pleasure ride of mine. This is an Arrow Suspended Coaster. Unlike Raptor where the trains are below the track but rigid against the track, Iron Dragon’s cars swing from side to side. It’s not insane swinging like Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg offered (RIP Wolfie) but it does offer a unique dynamic to the ride. Some Coaster Enthusiasts refer to this as “Draggin’ Iron” but I think the ride’s slow speed actually kind of enhances the ride by making it leisurely and a little relaxing. Plus that final Helix over the water is SO picturesque! How can I not love this unique Coaster?

Gatekeeper is next. This is ANOTHER B&M Coaster. This one is a Wing Coaster model. Gatekeeper is extremely picturesque as it takes place on the shore of Lake Erie and its signature Keyhole elements over Cedar Point’s Main Entrance. The Coaster’s seats sit to the side of the track as opposed to directly above or under it. That first Wing-Over Drop was filled with hang time! The rest of the ride was fun, but a little uneventful. Apart from those near-misses with the Keyhole Towers.

Another B&M is next. This is Valravyn. When it opened, this was the World’s tallest and fastest Dive Coaster. The ride’s gimmick is that after it reaches the top of the lift, there is a brake that dangles you looking straight down at the ground at over 200 feet in the air. Then you drop and go through a few inversions, including an INSANELY slow roll that makes it seem like you are dangling upside-down. The reason it isn’t higher is because I only rode it once and do not recall much of the ride. But I have ridden other Dive Coasters in Williamsburg and Tampa, so that’s what I am basing it on. And it has Vest restraints which are tighter on you than the Over the Shoulder harnesses, so it inhibits the airtime.

Next up we have the World’s first Stratacoaster, or Roller Coaster over 400 feet tall. Meet Top Thrill Dragster. This Coaster stands a whopping 420 feet tall! AND as if that height wasn’t intimidating enough, this ride ROCKETS you from a dead stop to 120mph IN FOUR SECONDS! Having said that, the layout is very simplistic. Like, even simpler that Wicked Twister. Launch, 420 foot hill, brakes. That’s it. So the ride is a VERY short 17 seconds long from launch to brakes. Plus it routinely had one of the longest lines at Cedar Point. Note I just said “Had”. Why? Well as of late 2021, Top Thrill Dragster has been closed indefinitely after an incident involving a piece of the ride hitting someone waiting in line. So we do not know what will happen but Dragster was one Hell of an adrenaline rush!

Just missing the Bronze is yet another record-breaking Coaster…at the time. This is Magnum XL200. Opened in 1989 and built AGAIN by Arrow, Magnum is the World’s first Hyper Coaster, or Roller Coaster over 200 feet. Magnum stands 205 feet tall and reaches speeds of 72mph. That seems a little above average by today’s standards, but for when it was built, this ride was probably intimidating to everyone. The airtime is like nothing else I personally have ever experienced! Especially those weird triangular airtime hills at the finale of the ride. Ride in the “Magic Seat” (Row 3, Car 1) and you are in for one Hell of a wild ride! Heck when I rode Magnum in October of 2020, I had freaking BRUISES on my legs and thighs from the sheer intensity of the Ejector airtime. The lap bars are metal and barely padded. And they don’t “staple” or push the bar down that far, so the lap bar rests a few inches above your lap and you get SLAMMED into them! This airtime honestly rivals that of another newer Coaster at Cedar Point…but that’s coming up soon. It seems I have nothing but good things to say about Magnum so why is it not higher in my ranking? Well like I said, Magnum opened all the way back in 1989 and is an old steel Arrow Coaster, so it is starting to show its age. BUT it is a very historic and important Coaster in the industry so I hope it sticks around for the long haul.

Ok. Now this is where it gets controversial. The Top 3 are all in my personal Top 10 overall Coasters, so as you can imagine, ranking them is a pain in the ass. Coaster Enthusiasts actually argue over this. So this is my personal Top Three at Cedar Point. This is going to be controversial and biased, FYI.

Taking the Bronze is Maverick, the Intamin Blitz Coaster. Maverick is actually the shortest of the “real” thrill Coasters at Cedar Point at only 105 feet tall. But let me tell you, this little ride PACKS A HUGE PUNCH! The lift hill actually has Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) on it so you are basically launched up the 105 foot hill then drops you at a beyond-vertical 95 degree angle. This results in INSANE Ejector Airtime! That drop is the steepest at Cedar Point. From there, you have a low-to-the-ground turn, followed by the first-ever Twisted Horseshoe Roll inversion. This is basically two Corkscrews broken up by a high-speed turn. From there, you go over an INSANE Ejector Airtime hill, into a pitch-black tunnel and launch at 70mph into an elevated turn over the water. This ride is an intense blur!

Here is the REAL controversial ranking. Taking the Silver is a ride many consider the best Roller Coaster of all time. This is Steel Vengeance. (This may well be the last post I ever do since I’m sure the Coaster Enthusiasts will mercilessly hunt me down and murder me.) But hear me out, Coaster Community. I only rode this elite Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) once. It was the last Coaster I rode on my 2020 Cedar Point trip. Cedar Point closed around 11 or 12 and I waited probably 2-2 1/2 hours to ride it at night. Ironically, much like Steel Vengeance’s prior life as Mean Streak, I rode this amazing ride at around Midnight. AND it was raining! And I rode up front due to assigned seating. So getting pelted with rain flying at over 70mph freaking HURT! BUT the Ejector Airtime—ALL 30 SECONDS OF IT!—is INSANE! Plus it’s a long ride, too. Unlike Mean Streak, though, Steel Vengeance is POPULAR! Even though Steel Vengeance takes Silver in my Cedar Point ranking, it is still a Top 3 All-Time Favorite Coaster for me!

So what Roller Coaster at Cedar Point could POSSIBLY top Steel Vengeance? For me, my favorite Coaster is one of the most iconic rides ever! Not just an icon for Coasters, but icon for rides PERIOD! This is Millennium Force. Note, this is a VERY hot take and I’m sure everyone is pissed at me right now. But dammit this is MY RANKING! Why is Millennium Force my top ride at Cedar Point? Well, again, this is a Guilty Pleasure ride to me. Actually this is my favorite Guilty Pleasure ride ever! This was the World’s first Giga Coaster, or Roller Coaster over 300 feet. Millennium Force opened in 2000. Even before I started to “expand” as a Coaster Enthusiast, I remember hearing about this ride and wanting to try it out. So when I finally had the opportunity to experience this thing for myself in 2015, I was ECSTATIC! Nervous, but excited as Hell. The ride is 310 feet tall, has a 300 foot drop at a near-vertical 80 degrees, and is an EXTREMELY long ride at over 6,000 feet long! The trains are a plus, too. With a ride 310 feet tall, flies at 93mph and has a drop that tall, long and steep, you’d think they’d want to secure you tightly. You’d be wrong. Millennium Force has three long 36 person trains over 9 rows of 4 seats and each rider is secured by JUST a loose seatbelt and VERY small, minimalistic lap bar. Now the Coaster Community sometimes refer to this ride as “Millennium Forceless”. I semi-agree. Millennium Force is tall, long and fast. But apart from the pullout from the first drop into the first Overbank, it only has mild forces, including airtime. But honestly I don’t care. This ride is just PURE, STRAIGHT FUN! When I went to Cedar Point in Summer 2015, my Mom and Aunt Michelle both went into the Park with me. I dragged my Mom on Millennium Force and we both LOVED IT! My go-to seat is the front. The back row DOES have extra pull on that first drop, but the front has the superior sense of speed, the view, and that wind-in-your-face sensation. It takes awhile to get the front, but that is the ONLY seat I will ride in! One downside about the front, though. Millennium Force is located in basically a swampy area of Cedar Point on the water, so the bugs swarm the ride, especially at night. The riders up front are essentially a Human Shield and fly swatter and it kinda hurts. It’s almost like minuscule needles hitting you. But actually, I embrace that issue. I mean, it’s quirky. It adds to the ambiance of the ride. Oh, and I’d be remiss to omit the ride’s appearance at night. Multicolor lights illuminate the lift hill and change color and segue into each other seamlessly. The rest of the ride is is near-total darkness.

So that is my ranking of Cedar Point’s rides and events. One glaring omission is the Hotels on-site. That is because I have only ever stayed at Hotel Breakers. This is RIGHT on Lake Erie AND Cedar Point’s property. It is a little pricey, but you are guaranteed Early Entry into the Park. AND this is bar-none THE nicest Hotel I have ever stayed at! The only Hotel that could possibly rival it is Mazagan and that is all the way in Morocco.

That is my take on Cedar Point. Have you ever been to America’s Roller Coast? If so what is your ranking of Coasters and Rides? I’d love to hear what you have to say in the Comments! As always, thanks for reading!



Today I would like to discuss the future of Wildcat at HersheyPark. Now look, I am aware of a few things. I am aware that Wildcat is closed (RIP Wildcat) permanently. I am also aware that Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) trucks have been spotted at Hershey. Finally I am aware that a TON of track has been removed from the ride structure itself.

I am also aware that a fellow YouTuber, Grant from HersheyPark Enthusiast, has beat this topic to death as nauseam. But I am just here for my personal perspective on what could be happening.

I think RMC will actually convert Wildcat. All the signs are there. Hell, if you go to Hershey’s Dark Nights, there is a graveyard with past attractions on tombstones. And guess what’s front and center? Just look at this photo I took. Need I say more?

So yeah…RIP Wildcat. Now I have to speculate on two factors here. First, obviously, is RMC conversion. The other thing is Hershey’s relationship with Great Coasters International, GCI. Wildcat was GCI’s first coaster. They have gone on to build Lightning Racer in the same park. But I gotta wonder, is Hershey tarnishing their image with GCI by converting their first-ever coaster.

Now GCI does have steel Titan Track, but it has been confirmed that the Titan Track is not happening with Wildcat. Titan Track has been used in segments of other GCI coasters and there is an all Titan Track coaster, Zambezi Zinger, coming to Worlds of Fun in 2023. But that seems to be a tamer ride than Wildcat. So is GCI washing their hands of Wildcat as well?

My take on Wildcat as a ride pre RMC? I specify pre RMC because nobody has ridden the new Wildcat yet—nobody has—but get ready for a controversial take. Wildcat was the Black Sheep of HersheyPark for YEARS! I myself used to think the ride was horrifically rough and not rideable. But with age comes experience. I think I am in that age group where Wildcat was not as bad TO ME as people have said. Now I am not gonna sit here and bullshit my readers. Wildcat was brutal…in the back. Towards the front, and in the front, it was tolerable.

Do not get me wrong. Wildcat was still a kind of last-resort substitution for Laff Trakk, but honestly I think the line for Laff Trakk was worse than a front row ride on Wildcat because the line lasts longer. Up front you could fully comprehend just how twisted the layout was. It was still rough, but it was tolerable to me. I am interested to see what RMC could do with the layout. I am not going to talk about what RMC Wildcat could look like. I don’t know what it’ll look like. Nobody does. Only time will tell…

If you want content on what RMC Wildcat could potentially look like, I am leaving a link to Grant’s YouTube page. He is obsessed with this topic!….in the best way possible. Actually, it was while watching a HersheyPark Enthusiast video that I got the idea for this post.

So what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


Dark Nights

I’d like to talk about Hersheypark’s new for 2022 Halloween event, Dark Nights. In short, I LOVED this event! But my experience wasn’t perfect. So I’d like to discuss my experience with Dark Nights on Saturday, October 8, 2022.

Firstly, if you want to do Dark Nights, I would advise getting a Fast Lane or HPGo wristband. The lines for the Haunted Houses were manageable. But the rides? Hell on Earth! But I think Hershey knows how crowded Dark Nights gets and I was not about to spend $100 to ride the rides when I could go and do that almost anytime. Laff Trakk, Comet, Candymonium, and Lightning Racer have pitch black night rides. Laff Trakk’s line was about 90 minutes when I was in it. And that was lucky timing. By the time I got off, the line had a 2 1/2 hour wait! Laff Trakk is cool in the dark, and it is a neat line themed to a Fun House. Fun House mirrors galore! Then there is messed up laughter as part of the theming. The laughter is creepy enough during the regular season with the black light effects but in pitch black darkness it’s creepier.

After Laff Trakk, the real fun had started! HersheyPark was open from 2pm-11pm last night. The Haunted Houses do not open until 6pm though. So for me, Laff Trakk’s line was a way to kill time until the Houses opened. So following Laff Trakk, I headed to my first Haunt in Twisted Darkness. As a disclaimer, I have to say ALL the Haunted Houses are FANTASTIC! For Hershey’s first attempt at a scarier Halloween event, they knocked it out of the park!

Twisted Darkness is, well, dark. But what’s inside is AMAZING! If you have ever been to Hershey’s Chocolate World, you might be familiar with the Chocolate Tour ride. Take the oven scene and put it in a Haunted House—complete with heat—and creepy animatronics and live actors and you have a winner! Plus you have a legit mirror maze with live actors inside the mirrors!

Oh and the theming in general is TOP NOTCH! Midway of Misery is INCREDIBLE with the fire arches and actors! After two times in Twisted Darkness in one hour, I made my rounds taking photos and videos of the park. Following my photo “tour”, I saw a short-ish line for Fahrenheit, the Intamin vertical lift coaster. Not only does Fahrenheit have a 90 degree lift hill, but it has a beyond vertical 97 degree drop. It was fun in the dark, but the ride is a little short.

Up next was Creature Chaos. This was another Haunt. This was probably my favorite from a theming standpoint. I grew up going to the Circus so it was cool seeing the IP flipped and turned demented. The premise is a bunch of “creatures” have escaped from a carnival. The costumes are unreal! The Carnival Barker was very convincing. Plus the theming inside was freaky. There were empty cages, people running around panicking about the escaped creature, and park guests freaking out whenever something pops out. It was a spectacle!

After Creature Chaos, I went through The Descent. This was COOL! First off, you gather with a group in a room. This room is actually an “elevator”. What’s cool about this is there is ONE door in and out. After some theatrics, the same door you came in through opens and it’s an entirely different scene! So you walk underground and have zombie coal miners jump out at you. It sounds corny, but it is legit THE coolest House by far! There is a sequence with inflatable airbags you need to squeeze through and, SPOILER ALERT!…a laser maze. The lasers do not move. They are stationery but it is foggy in there, too so it almost seems like you are underwater. It’s REALLY cool!

One thing I was surprised by was the merchandise. They have shirts, socks, patches, et cetera for the Dark Nights event, Houses, Scare Zones, and so on. But then they take a page out of Universal Studios’ book and sell Universal Classic Monsters merchandise, too. I bought a Monsters shirt simply because it looked cool, glows in the dark, and was a reasonable price. Plus I LOVE the Classic Universal Monster films!

I finally left the park around 11pm and got home around 12:40am. I was dead tired! (No pun intended). So do I recommend Dark Nights? ABSOLUTELY! If you enjoy chocolate and Halloween, GO TO DARK NIGHTS! You will not regret it!

So would you go to this event? Have you? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


Morocco Trip 2022

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything to my blog. It has been INSANELY busy in the world of Tom Whalen. For one, and for the sake of this post, my sister Caroline got married in Philly and Morocco.

Today I will chronicle my 13 day trip to Morocco, starting with Saturday, September 17 all the way through to September 28. Bear with me on this. It’s gonna be a long and detailed post.


The start of the trip was on Saturday, September 17, 2022. This was my first day in Morocco. My parents, Aunt Gina, Uncle John and I left my parents’ house in Baldwin, Maryland at 4pm Eastern Time US. We drove to Dulles Airport and were met with horrific traffic! From my parents’ house, usually it’d take a little over an hour to get to Washington Dulles. It took almost 3 HOURS to get there! We were all hungry at this point, so we decided to eat at Carabba’s at the Airport.

After dinner, it was time to board our flight from the United States across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa. After a roughly 7 hour flight, we arrived in Casablanca, Morocco. Our flight left DC at 9:30pm and we arrived at Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca at 10:20am Moroccan time. (There is a 5 hour time difference).

Oh, before I go any further, I need to mention the sunset over Dulles. It was THE most beautiful sunset ever! The sky was pinkish-orange and the Sun was red. It was SPECTACULAR!

Casablanca’s Airport was not that difficult to navigate. However I want to discuss the flight itself to get to Morocco. The plane’s safety spiel was in three languages: English, French and Arabic. They served food on the plane but it wasn’t your stereotypical “What’s up with airline food” rimshot joke food. The food on the flight was—no joke!—Moroccan beer, wine, herbal green tea, and Vanilla Mousse. Oh, and an hour later, it was time for Round Two. Yes, they served food TWICE IN ONE HOUR on the flight! If there’s one thing I learned about Moroccans, it’s that they LOVE to eat!

So finally we landed in Casablanca to meet my sister Caroline and her soon-to-be husband, Reda, and his family. Right off the bat, I have to say Casablanca—and Morocco as a whole—is…interesting. We passed scooters, bikes, donkeys, cows, and rickshaws ALL in 20 minutes on the way to Reda’s parents’ house.

I stayed at Amina and Brahim (Reda’s parents) house for 3 days. Their house looks like a cozy condo from the outside. But then you walk in through this GIGANTIC wooden door on a hinge and WOW! This place is HUGE! Three levels, a built-in pool, in-house maids…it was AMAZING!

Amina, Reda’s Mom, had prepared us breakfast. Pastries and fresh French croissants with olives, dates, fresh herbal tea, and melted honey. I’m sorry, America. But you failed in the Welcome Party department!

I was a little weirded out by one thing, though. We pulled up to the Hilton in Casablanca where Aunt Gina and Uncle John were staying and Mickey freaking Mouse was standing at the entrance to the Hotel greeting people in French. It was a little off-putting to hear an American icon in Africa speaking another language. But wait! It gets weirder! As we were leaving, a circus clown started directing traffic! Even for Reda, a Morocco native, it was a total WTF moment! So if Reda says something in Morocco is weird…it’s REALLY freaking weird!

Oh, just before I go on, as an FYI, herbal Moroccan tea will make an appearance in here A LOT! Tea is a staple of Morocco and EVERYONE drinks it! Even in bars, tea is a must.


The second day in Casablanca was more chill and relaxing. And I needed that after being awake for basically 24 hours. I woke up around 6:30am, so 12:30am back home in Baltimore. Amina and the maids had prepared breakfast. Fresh coffee, tea, honey, and pastries. And let me tell you…Moroccan pastries are TO DIE FOR! M’semen in particular is my favorite! One thing about Morocco is that all the food is fresh! This morning we had fresh baguettes and fresh olive oil.

After a delicious breakfast, we picked up Aunt Gina and Uncle John from the Hilton. We took two cars to the Beach. I am not a Beach person…usually. I find them overcrowded and overrated. THIS Beach, however, had horses and camels. Yes, you could ride a camel on the Beach! I didn’t do it, but damn it was tempting! Generally I don’t go into the Ocean. It’s too cold and rough. But I made an exception today. Now granted, it was only up to my ankles, but I felt obligated.

When we got back to Amina’s house, it was lunchtime. This lunch BLEW MY MIND! Lunch is the big meal over there, so they go all-out with it. We had fish and chicken. The fish was coated in sauce and covered with shrimp. I LOVED THIS LUNCH!

After lunch, I crashed. I fell asleep for a few hours. When I woke up, I was greeted by Reda’s family and relatives offering me snacks and tea.

After that, we just relaxed. We watched TV (soccer, or football as it’s called everywhere else) and just talked. For dinner, we had mini pizzas (think homemade Pizza Bagel Bites).


My last night in Casablanca was my favorite! After Amina and the maids served breakfast, we headed out to pick up Aunt Gina and Uncle John. My Aunt Michelle, Aunt Lori and her husband Billy all flew in that morning. So after meeting up with them, we headed out to lunch at this place called Beach Mama. This place was INSANELY good! We got seafood paella to split. This was THE best seafood I have ever had! Plus the setting and views on the Atlantic Ocean were astounding!

And speaking of astounding…following lunch, our group took a guided tour of the Hassan II Mosque. This is one of the largest Mosques in the World, has the largest Minarets at 600 feet, AND, for the sake of our group, is the ONLY Mosque open to Non-Muslims. Photos do ZERO justice to this place! It is ENORMOUS! As some background info, it was built in 6 years from 1987-1993, was paid for by taxing the entire country of Morocco, and at its busiest (Ramadan for instance) can accommodate a whopping 105,000 people! The Courtyard of Hassan II alone can hold 80,000.

The Mosque is BEAUTIFUL! The exterior alone is a sight to behold! Even the locals love taking photos in front of this place. But then you walk inside for the tour… I am not that religious or spiritual but My God! When I walked in, I thought I was going to cry. The sheer beauty nearly brought me to tears. There were some parts we were not permitted to see, but what we did see was jaw-dropping! Probably the coolest thing was the Cleansing Room. This is a separated male/female bath house where Muslims purify themselves in water before daily prayers. If you ever find yourself in Casablanca, TAKE THIS TOUR! You will not regret it!

After Hassan II Mosque, we all went back to Amina’s house for—any guesses? If you guessed tea, you’d be right! I seriously LOVED the tea when mixed with melted honey. I’m sorry, American tea companies, but your tea is shit compared to Morocco!

After all the relatives left, we sat outside and played Gin Rummy. Amina kept changing the rules, but we still had a lot of fun! We also played Left Right Center, a game Amina and Brahim had never played. It was fun teaching them the game!

Day 4

We left Amina’s house to leave for Marrakech. It was roughly a 2 1/2 hour drive. We stopped halfway through for a restroom and refreshments break. This was my first “real” experience with Moroccan hospitality. The store we stopped off at had a coffee bar. The coffee was 160 Dirham, or $1.60 US. First off, that itself is cheap. I give the woman working the register 200 Dirham or $2. She asks if I had a 1 Dirham coin. When I said I didn’t, she said “OK! I’ll only charge 10 Dirham!” 10 Dirham…or $1…for a cup of fresh ground Moroccan coffee. That is DIRT CHEAP! And it a was GOOD coffee, too!

After that little pit stop, we arrived at our Riad. A Riad is essentially a Air BNB supersized. The place legit reminded me of The Hobbit. The door was down an alleyway and was about chest-high. So you had to duck or you’d crack your head open. The stairwells were winding and narrow. The country is definitely NOT ADA compliant!

We headed to the Jemma El Fna, or Market. I have seen seen flea markets before, but this place? HOLY SHIT! Shop after shop after shop after shop after shop! Did I mention all the shops? And that’s just the first block! Before opening up into the main area, the shops are down dead-end streets and VERY narrow alleyways.

Picture this: It’s mid-afternoon. Thousands of vendors, entertainers, and shoppers in this one street. You’re minding your own business, taking it all in, then HONK! Motorized scooters and motorcycles sneak up behind you. AND it’s multiple scooters…AND in a narrow street, AND they all come from every direction all at once. It’s WILD!

A word of warning about the Market, though. If you aren’t prepared to haggle, barter and have people hound you, DO NOT GO HERE! The vendors expect you to haggle. Rule of thumb: offer half of what they are asking and go from there. The vendors are not intimidating; very friendly, albeit pushy. But this is their means of living and way of life, and I didn’t wanna lowball anyone.

Having said that, my Mom, Aunt Gina and I were invited into this one vendor’s shop and we were treated like royalty! We were in there for awhile! We bought like 6 things from this guy with minimal bartering AND, as he was so accommodating, I tipped the guy! WHAT?!?! That was a Never-In-America scenario! After a few hours at Jemma El Fna, we headed back to the Riad to rest our feet and get ready for dinner.

Probably the coolest thing we saw was a MASSIVE electrical storm from the rooftop of our Riad. It was pitch black! As in the “I can’t see my hand in front of my face” kind of pitch black. Then BANG! The whole sky lit up with lightning and illuminated all of Marrakech. It was AWESOME!

For dinner, we went to this place called NOUBA. This place was nuts! It’s essentially a night club. I ordered Monkfish Tajin (a Moroccan dish) and a local beer called Casablanca. Then came the entertainment. NOUBA has a stage set up over a pool of water. And what happens on that stage? Well, I’m glad you asked! Exotic belly dancers and aerial acrobatics. It was INSANE!

The date was September 20 when we went. But we stayed until about 12:45am, or September 21. September 21 is my sister Abbey and my Dad’s birthday and they knew it at NOUBA. The fine people here brought cake, sang Happy Birthday, and gave people at our table sparklers that had HUGE flames, so essentially a tiny flare. Flares…indoors…surrounded by wood, paper, and plastic tablecloths. Again, a Never-In-America situation!

After getting back to the Riad, I just crashed. It was an insanely busy, but great night!

Day 5

September 21 was fun! I woke up, showered and headed to breakfast at the Riad. The coffee was good, but but the Orange Juice on the other hand? OMFG AMAZING! Fresh-squeezed OJ. It was delicious!

After breakfast, I met up with my parents, Abbey, her boyfriend Aaron, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Gina and Uncle John and headed to the Yves Saint Laurent Garden and Museum. Who was Yves Saint Laurent? He was a gay fashion designer from France who came to Morocco with his boyfriend since Morocco was a very open place in the Muslim countries for gays.

Now that we got that out of the way, the Yves Saint Laurent Garden and Museum is expansive an STUNNING! Getting in was a pain in the ass though. We waited in line for roughly 30-40 minutes just to get tickets to get in. One person working the booth. So we get our tickets. Then there’s another line to get into the Garden and Museum itself. THEN we get pulled from line to get in by security, get escorted to the front of the line, only to be asked where our Tour Guide was since we had quite a few people in our group. After telling the guard we did not have a Guide and weren’t with a tour group, we were sent all the way back to the end of the admission line to wait all over again.

The Garden itself was well worth it! Beautiful plants, very friendly security and staff, people asking if we could take their picture and us reciprocating, and clothing designed by Laurent in the museum were well worth the hassle!

After leaving YSL, we hailed a cab. Then things got interesting… About 30 seconds into the cab ride, our driver got pulled over by a cop. Our driver and the cop actually got into a yelling match. They were screaming at each other! Back home in America, someone would have gotten hurt, arrested or killed. It just goes to show how nice Moroccans are.

Eventually we made it to lunch. We got a private rooftop family-style lunch consisting of lamb, chicken, barley, beer, and a MASSIVE dessert!

From lunch, we trekked to Dar El Bacha, a famous coffee cafe and outdoor museum. This place was GORGEOUS! The architecture was just amazing! Hand-cut marble tile everywhere! It was mesmerizing!

After that, we headed back to Jemma El Fna. It was wild! I tried to get a video of the snake charmers. This one charmer runs full-speed at me holding a cobra yelling “Get picture! Get picture!” I was freaked out. After that, we walked back to the Riad for dinner.

Day 6

Today was great! Why? My Mom, Aunt Gina, Uncle John and I had to get up at 5:30am. Why? Because we booked a hot air balloon excursion.

After getting picked up, we drove to the hot air balloon place close to the Atlas Mountains. I was astounded at how big the balloons are! Yeah, they look decently big in the air. But up close, they are MASSIVE! After a continental breakfast consisting of tea, croissants, and orange juice, we boarded the balloon. This was one of, if not THE, coolest things I have ever done! Firstly, the initial ascent is crazy. The Pilot tells you to duck down for a few seconds and hang on to a handle. A few seconds later, they tell you to stand back up and you are already a few hundred feet in the air. The craziest part? It’s smooth! You can’t even feel the ascent!

Finally, we reached our altitude of 1,000 meters or 3,300 feet. Our Pilot said he had flown people up to 4,00 meters up. That’s over a mile in the air!

We also got the “funny” Pilot. As we descended—onto a trailer platform might I add!— our Pilot told the passengers to yell something in Arabic to the employees. After everyone yelled it, our Pilot said “That means hurry up, assholes!” The balloon deflating is a sight to behold! The canvas essentially collapses and they roll it up like a tarp.

Oh, and before we exited the basket, an attendant comes up and asks if we want a picture on my cell phone. I said yes. So the guy grabs my phone out of my hand, takes a few close-up photos, the says “Bye gullible American tourist!” and runs up a hill with my phone. Luckily he was kidding and took a TON of photos for us! I LOVE the Moroccan sense of humor!

After climbing out of the basket of the balloon, the company had tea and breakfast pastries waiting for us in a hut. The people working there were all joking around and interacting with everyone. It was great!

But wait! There’s more! Following the hot air balloon, they arranged a camel ride for us. Dromedary camels are FREAKISHLY huge! I’m 5’10” (five feet, ten inches) tall and these camels were about DOUBLE my size! When we got to the camels, they were laying down and were still as tall as me! After you sit on the saddle, you are told to hold onto this ring at the front of the saddle. I’m telling you now, if you value your life, HOLD THE HELL ONTO THE RING! See, camels don’t stand up all at once. They stand on their hind legs first, so you slide forward down the saddle towards the ground. It freaked me out, and it takes A LOT to do that!

Once you’re on the camel, you can relax. It was extremely scenic, relaxing and peaceful. My poor camel kept grunting and crying. Turns out I was riding a new mama camel and she was wondering where her new baby was. (It was safe back at the compound stables).

After maybe an hour of riding, we had to get off the camels to go back. Getting off the back of the camel was equally as freaky as getting up. Camels lay down in sections front to back. They essentially kneel on their front knees, so again, you slide towards the ground. The balloon combined with the camel rides is an experience I will NEVER forget!

But it actually got EVEN BETTER on the ride back to our Riad. The Riad arranged transportation and while we were gone, our Excursion driver had left. My Mom told him we were in Morocco because Caroline and Reda were getting married there. This guy, out of the goodness of his heart, had bought TWO GIANT BOXES of Moroccan chocolates and cookies for them. This guy was GREAT! If you are ever in Marrakech, book the Marrakech By Air tour. You won’t regret it!

After the hot air balloon and camel rides, my Dad, Uncle John, Uncle Will and I all went to the Tannery. This is where they make leather and sell it. The shop is only open one day per week and this day was our lucky day. It was cool to see the process of how leather is made from animal to final product. But my God did it REEK! The thing is, the employees know how bad it smells, so they give you mint leaves to smell during the tour. After that, we chilled at the Riad for the rest of the night.

Day 7

This day was INSANE! It was the day before Caroline and Reda got married. We left the Riad to move onto the wedding venue, Palais Ronsard. The pre-show festivities were CRAZY in Morocco!

We arrived at Palais Ronsard around noon and the party started almost immediately! It was nice socializing with everyone! There were about 100 people there, all partying and drinking. It was fun, but my mind was on one thing: my speech.

I had written a speech per Caroline’s request. Around 9:35pm, Caroline and Reda started talking. They chose me to give the first speech. The only thing I could think was, “Oh shit!”

Nothing to worry about, though. My speech went over VERY well! I got a standing ovation and a chant started by Reda. A few other people spoke, including my Dad. A few jokes thrown in and the speeches quickly turned into one big Roast Comedy-Central style. It was SO MUCH FUN!

The pre-wedding was NUTS! Caroline and Reda had hired a camel company to give rides around the venue. My cousin Alex and I had first rides. My Aunt Michelle wanted to ride one as well. I got three rides in, mainly because Alex’s youngest daughter, kept wanting to ride by yelling “Again!” It was an INSANE night and I knew it would be even crazier the next day!

Day 8

Well, September 24 was the big day! That was the day Caroline and Reda tied the knot. The day started off with breakfast at 8:30am. It consisted of eggs, Moroccan doughnuts, pastries, coffee, and—what else?—TEA!

After breakfast and some mingling, it was time for a quick run-through of the wedding. It was a little disorganized but we got it!

After the run-through, my Dad, my Uncle John, Uncle John (yes, there are 2 Uncle Johns) and I went to what we thought was a Harley-Davidson store. This place was NOT a Harley store! It was a place that rented out motorcycles called EagleRider. Kinda disappointing.

It was hot, so I decided to take a dip in the pool. The water was PERFECT! My Dad, some Uncles and I all had lunch together. We got a burger with pulled beef, guacamole, and fries. It was delicious!

Then, at 4:30pm, it was showtime! We had a cocktail reception followed by Caroline and Reda’s wedding ceremony. The wedding was beautiful and Caroline was smiling ear-to-ear and looked stunning! Then came the after party…

The aftermath of a Moroccan wedding is the CRAZIEST THING EVER! EVERYONE was on the stage dancing! I’d compare a Moroccan wedding reception to a nightclub rave. The lights, DJ, live music, fog…it had to be seen to be believed!

Speaking of fog, funny story about that…we were eating appetizers and we saw smoke coming from a table and everyone thought that something had caught fire. As it turns turns out, a fog machine had gone off right next to the table and caused a smoking effect.

The best moment was when Caroline came out on a platform in a gold and diamond-encrusted dress. I lost it. I had never seen Caroline, Abbey, my Mom, or Dad so happy! Caroline’s wedding night was legitimately one of the best and happiest nights of my life!

The trip had culminated in a wedding. I had a few days left on the trip, but I knew damn well that when I got back home my heart would stay in Morocco!

Day 9

We left Palais Ronsard around 12:15pm. But before parting ways, we all had one last family breakfast together. Old family and new family all interacting with each other as if they’d known each other all their lives. It’s jaw-dropping to think I have family in the United States, Morocco and some as-good-as-family friends in Ireland.

Zaina, my new sister-in-law and I get along AWESOME! Everyone on the Akbil (Reda’s last name) side is INSANELY sweet! Seeing my culture and the Moroccan culture meld together into one was nothing short of magical!

After parting ways with everyone, my parents, Aunt Gina, Uncle John and I took a shuttle from Palais Ronsard to our final residence in Morocco: Mazagan Resort. The Resort was RIGHT on the Beach and is beautiful!

When we were about 15-20 minutes away, I didn’t know what to think. Not gonna lie. It reminded me of the Inlet in Ocean City, Maryland. A little iffy and sketchy looking. But then we pull in and OH MY GOD! This place was BEAUTIFUL! (Look, guys. I’m running out of adjectives to describe everything. Gimme a break!)

Walking into Mazagan, I was shocked to find airport-style security. Aka metal detectors and X-Ray conveyor belts. It was crazy how secure this place was!

When we checked in, we got a free—yes, F-R-E-E FREE!— upgrade. Our room had a panoramic view of the golf course. Yes, this place had an 18 hole golf course…and a go kart track…and dune buggies…and ATV’s…and a rock wall…and a spa…and a trampoline park. And a GIGANTIC pool! No joke, the pool alone was about the size of my entire apartment back home in Baltimore.

We just chilled for the rest of the night, as it had started to rain at Caroline’s wedding and carried into the next day after a four year drought.

Day 10

This day was CRAZY BUSY! I woke up around 7am and walked downstairs for the free buffet breakfast. After my Mom, Dad, Uncle John and Aunt Gina and I had eaten, I booked a horseback ride on the Beach. And the price wasn’t bad, either. An hour ride cost 430 Dirham, or $43 US. This was AWESOME! The horse I rode, named Joe, was great to ride…but he had a mind of his own. We even went INTO the water in the ocean. Granted, it was only up to past the hooves, but still cool.

Following that, I did something called Bungee Ejection. This cost 170 Dirham, or $17. It started innocently enough. You are attached to a pair of cables and hoisted into the air, getting a phenomenal view of the Beach and Resort. From there, you gently bounce up and down until they pull you back to the ground. But then things get crazy! This thing quickly cranks it up to ELEVEN! The operator tethers you to a steel grated platform, counts to three, and pulls a cord. You go FLYING into the air! Oh, and the harness has some give to it. So yeah, you rotate and fly towards the ground facing the ground! It was TERRIFYING! So I did it twice.

Next up was go karts. Yes, Mazagan had a go kart track, and a GREAT one at that! It’s all on flat ground with no elevation changes, but let me tell you…you HAUL ASS on the go karts! And since I had the track to myself, the employees allowed me to go FULL SPEED around the crazy sharp hairpin turns. I was nervous I’d spin out, but I didn’t.

After 10 laps on the go karts, I met up with my family on the Beach. I put my feet in and went in up to my chest. The water was cold.

What was cool about Mazagan is that it was completely dead! I saw more employees than guests. I stayed at Mazagan for three days and saw MAYBE 15 guests there. I had that massive pool to myself. The pool’s maximum depth was only 3 feet, but it was still neat having a pool that big at a world-renowned Resort to myself!

Later that day, everyone in my group went zip lining. And yes, this was on Mazagan’s grounds, as well. This was one single zip line, but I found out this is the longest in Morocco at 1,031 feet long. That’s RIDICULOUSLY long for a zip line! My Mom and Aunt Gina were a little nervous. Even my Dad nearly backed out, although that was probably due to a crap ton of steps and the fact my Dad has a bum knee. For what it offered, this activity is DIRT CHEAP! One run will run you 170 Dirham, or $17. BUT if you want, you can do it twice for a whopping 50 Dirham or $5. Five dollars…for TWO zip lines? That is AMAZINGLY cheap!

Following that, we went to dinner, had a few drinks, and watched the sunset on the Beach. This was BEAUTIFUL! The sun reflecting off the water was mesmerizing!

Day 11

This was my last full day in Morocco. It was a shame because I LOVE Morocco!

I woke up around 7am, took a shower, ate my free breakfast, and went back to the hotel room and fell back asleep.

I met my family for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the town of Jadida to shop. I bought a camel skin leather pouf (basically leather footrest) for 150 Dirham, or $15. That is CRAZY cheap! And that was with ZERO bartering! I also bought an animal skin and canvas painted lamp for the same price. So what would be overpriced anywhere else, I got TWO legit animal skin/leather products for $30. AND no taxes!

When we got back to Mazagan, I went to their Farm. Yes, Mazagan had a freaking Farm on their property! Granted, it’s a very small Farm. It took about 20 minutes to see the whole thing, but I’m glad I saw it. If it had cost money, I’d say it was a rip off. And as a bonus, I was the only one there so I got a FREE VIP Tour by an employee! Granted, he only spoke French and I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but it was still cool!

After getting back, we hung by the pool for awhile. We decided to eat dinner at a restaurant called DOME. DOME was located in Mazagan’s casino. The ceiling in DOME was, well, an ornate dome. So my Dad and I both took a photo of it. A few seconds later, Security approached my Dad and told him not to take photos of the casino. After showing Security the photo, they were ok. I was impressed how quickly they responded. Also I couldn’t wear my hat inside, which was weird and annoying but oh well.

As for food, I ordered a Flag Beer and grilled octopus. It was just the tentacles but believe me…they were delicious and filling!

As an added bonus surprise, on my way back to our room, I was looking for my keycard to get into the room. Keep in mind, both my jeans pocket and wallet were both empty. So imagine my surprise when I found $100 American dollars in my pocket! Hey, I’m not complaining! Any country where you leave richer than when you arrived it fine by me!

Day 12

When I wrote this last day, I was sitting on a plane back in Casablanca at Mohammad V Airport about to go back home to Baltimore. Or at least Dulles in DC then drive home from there.

The flight info said the flight duration would be 8 hours and 25 minutes. However the Pilot said 7 hours, 34 minutes. The total duration wound up being just over 7 hours. So we were ahead of schedule. To me, the shorter the flight the better. It seemed like it took FOREVER to arrive in Morocco!

I was mixed about leaving. On the one hand, I ADORE this country! Every single second in Morocco-whether in Casablanca, Marrakech, or El Jadida-I have enjoyed!

On the other hand, 2 weeks is a long time to be away from home and my “normal” routine. There was a 5 hour time difference so talking to friends back home was a pain in the ass!

Looking back on it, all in all, I can honestly say I personally have ZERO regrets or complaints! Only a few minutes into the trans-Atlantic flight, I found myself missing Morocco already. Everyone I encountered on the trip had all been SO outgoing, helpful, friendly, and accommodating. In essence, this was hands-down, bar-none, without any shadow of a doubt, THE absolute best trip I had ever taken!

The trip had constantly been GO GO GO! We were either partying, doing an outdoor activity, drinking, traveling to another location, or socializing. NO downtime! As I look back, I’m thinking “Wow! That was A LOT! Even by my standards!”

Sure, this wasn’t a thrill-filled trip like a trip to Disney or Cedar Point. Would I have liked to have ridden roller coasters on another continent? Yeah, sure. But whatever. I don’t care. Morocco as a whole is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than any theme park!

So this was farewell, for now, to Morocco. But I know damn well it was not goodbye. I promise I will go back someday. Thank you Morocco for an unforgettable trip! And thank you to Caroline and Reda for inviting me to their special day! And last but definitely not least, thank you to the Akbil family for welcoming me into your wonderful family with open arms!

So that was my trip to Morocco. I loved every second of every minute of it and cannot wait to return at some point! Thanks to you, my readers, for sticking with this post to the end! I appreciate it! I know this was a long one.


A Hard 24 Hours

It has been awhile since I have posted on WordPress. But I feel compelled to do this. Yesterday at around 3am, my Grandmother on my Mom’s side, who we called Grandmom, passed away at the age of 82.

I wanna preface by saying, what I am going to say is in NO WAY a jab at my late Grandmom. Not at all. But honestly I cannot say I was surprised. She was in Hospice bedridden for the last two months. She could barely talk or move during that time. Her voice was pretty much less than a whisper last time I spoke to her about a week and a half ago. It is weird. Her voice would come and go. Some days she seemed perfectly audible. Other times I could not understand what she was saying.

The last time I saw her, a month ago, it was hard. Every time I would visit her and my Grandfather, Larry, I would think “This is probably going to be the last time.” Well…sure enough, yesterday I woke up not feeling great so I called my Mom around 7am to tell her I was taking a day off work to recover. I knew something was wrong. First off, my Mom sounded wide awake. That never happens with my Mom that early! Secondly, she said “I’ll call you right back…” and hung up on me. I called her back a few minutes later and she said Grandmom passed away.

It hurt to see my Grandmother in that condition. But I had sort of gotten used to it. For years she had been steadily declining. You could just tell, especially in the last few months, her body had basically just given up. It’s weird though because mentally she was still with it and sharp as a tack.

Growing up, Grandmom loved us kids. I remember vividly as a kid, she would pick me up in her car and we would drive to local yard sales. It could be a yard sale literally next door and we would drive to it. She adored us kids. Me, my sisters, cousins…everyone.

I want to keep this as brief as possible. But before I wrap up, I do want to give credit where it is due. My Grandfather, Larry, hardly ever left Grandmom’s side during these last few months. He was a devoted husband and well worthy of Grandmom. So Larry, mad respect to you.

It is especially hard knowing I will never see her again because of one thing Grandmom had always said to and about me. “You’re my favorite.” I do not take that lightly. In closing, Grandmom, I love you. I will never stop loving you or Larry and I will always cherish our time together. And I know you will always be looking down on us.

Not to sound self-centered or anything, but one more little thing that just popped into my head. I said the same thing when my Grandfather on my Dad’s side passed away so it only seems fitting I say the same thing here. I am glad Grandmom held on this long and got to see me (and all her other Grandkids) succeed. She got to live long enough to see me get a great job, become a well-respected Autism self-advocate in Maryland, and move into my own place. I feel better knowing she had that “comfort” that we are going to be ok.

Thanks for reading! Rest in Peace, Grandmom.


Sadly Funny

Last night, June 26, 2022, I was bored and was looking for something to watch on Netflix. I saw something pop up called DIRTY DADDY. That title piqued my interest. So I clicked on it, thinking it might be Bob Saget’s last comedy special. I was kinda right…

Dirty Daddy is a tribute to the late, great original dirty family dad that was Bob Saget. All of Saget’s closest friends and colleagues were on the show, including Jeff Ross, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Jim Carrey, Jackson Browne, Seth Green, Candice Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, John Mayer, and of course, John Stamos. But most touching was all of the above mentioned made the tribute funny as Hell! They were there to not eulogize Bob, but to honor a great man and a great friend. The only person who wasn’t funny or crack jokes was Dave Coulier, aka Joey on Full House. Every single one of the people mentioned above were cracking jokes and telling anecdotal stories about their late friend. They made a point of saying they are not doing this (making jokes about Bob) to be malicious. They were doing it out of love and respect, and every single Goddamn one of them knew that was what Bob would have wanted.

Probably the two names on the roster you didn’t expect (I sure didn’t!) were John Mayer and Jackson Browne. They are musicians, not comedians. But Bob was (somehow) good friends with both of them. They both played songs in honor of their late friend. Jackson Browne said something I can relate to having to do with comedy and music. He said something along the lines of, “Comedy and the blues have a lot in common. In both, you take all the pain you feel and you can tell people what is going on.” Mr. Browne then went on to sing These Days. The cameras showed John Stamos tearing up. Powerful stuff…

The end was what really got to me. They had Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget’s daughters come up onstage. The tribute culminated in a sing-along to Bob Saget’s song My Dog Licked My Balls. It was kind of weird seeing Bob Saget’s daughters sing that but there it is. The song is one of my favorites ny Bob and clearly of everyone on stage as well. Personally I was a little surprised they didn’t play Danny Tanner Was Not Gay, or even mention it.

But funny as the My Dog song is, it was also a little somber seeing Bob’s friends, family, and fans alike singing it in honor of him. It was a great sendoff to a comedian with the mouth of a dozen sailors in one and a big heart of gold. So should you watch this? ABSOLUTELY! If you liked Bob Saget in any capacity whatsoever, do him and yourselves a favor and a service and watch Dirty Daddy.


Paul McCartney Show

Last Sunday, June 12, 2022, I got lucky. I was supposed to see one of my favorite bands in They Might Be Giants at Rams Head Live in Baltimore for their FLOOD album’s anniversary show. Unfortunately, John Flansburgh (the guitar player and singer of half the songs) was in a bad car accident the opening night of the tour. So I was bummed at first, seeing as the show had been delayed 3 times due to Covid, but this was understandable. On the other side of the coin, June 12 turned out to be one of the best nights of my life!

As it turns out, Paul McCartney was playing at Oriole Park at Camden Yards that same night. So I decided to check to see if any decently priced tickets were still available. And man did I hit a Home Run (pun intended) with my ticket! I found a nosebleed seat (at the very top of the stadium) for a shockingly low price of $70! Um….HELLO?! $70? For Paul McCartney of Beatles fame? That is insanely low!

I took a shuttle bus from the Falls Road Light Rail straight to Camden Yards. It was super convenient! All I had to do was walk maybe 50 feet and I was in Camden Yards. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm. And it did…kind of. First they had a DJ do mashups of classic Beatles songs spliced with Wings songs. The DJ came on around 7pm and ended around 7:45 or so.

After he finished up, the screens turned on. What followed was a slideshow montage thing of Paul’s career paired, again, with Paul McCartney songs from his time with The Beatles and beyond. Finally, at around 8:30, Paul took the stage. Without even a “Hello”, he and his band played Can’t Buy Me Love, followed by Junior’s Farm. Following Junior’s Farm, Paul finally said hello to Charm City, followed by “Something tells me we are gonna have some fun!” And man, did we!

There were a few songs (not many) I was not familiar with. The next song, Letting Go, was one such song. It is a Wings song but I was unfamiliar with it. Paul then addressed the crowd saying “We’ve got some old songs, some new songs and some in-between songs. But this next one is definitely not new!” That next song turned out to be the Beatles song Got To Get You Into My Life. The cool thing about this tour was that Paul had an entire horn section backing him up.

Following that was Come Onto Me, another song I was not familiar with. However after that was Let Me Roll It with an outro of Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady. Paul always tells a story about how he met Jimi in London in the 1960s and how Jimi opened his show with a cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 2 days after the album’s release. The story is long, but it is entertaining.

After the Hendrix story, Paul played Getting Better from the Sgt. Pepper album. This has always been a favorite song of mine for whatever reason. After Getting Better came a Wings song I had never heard Paul do live…and I have seen him three times. That song was Let ’Em In. My Mom loves this song, so I filmed it for her.

Next came My Valentine, a song Paul dedicated to his wife, Nancy, who was in the audience. After that came Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five and Maybe I’m Amazed. This is when things got vintage…

I’ve Just Seen A Face was the next song. Paul then told the story of how originally The Beatles had five guys and were trying to make a demo. Paul told a funny story of how the original group made a demo. He and the band went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to pre-Beatles times, to the first band he and John were in called In Spite of All The Danger.

Next came a story about he and The Beatles being signed to Abbey Road Studios in London. He talked about how George Martin asked him to sing Love Me Do and how nervous he was. Paul joked, “Any time I hear that song, I can hear the tremor in my voice. I was nervous…but now I’m terrified!…..But not tonight!” He and the band then played an unplugged version of Love Me Do. Next came another song I did not know in Dance Tonight.

After Dance Tonight, Paul’s band left the stage, leaving just Paul and thousands of fans. This is always one of my favorite parts of a McCartney show. Just Paul, alone with his fans and one acoustic guitar. Paul played Blackbird on a section of stage that raised up high above the audience. This is cool!

After Blackbird, Paul talked about how many people come up to him and tell him they tried to learn Blackbird on guitar… “And they all got it wrong!” Paul then talked about how he never really got to tell John how much he loved him and played Here Today as a tribute to John Lennon.

From here on out, it was all classics, minus two songs in New and Fuh You. Aside from those two, it was all fan favorites!

Lady Madonna came next. This seemed shorter than the studio version, but oh well. Following Lady Madonna came the aforementioned Fuh You. After Fuh You came Jet by Wings.

Next came Paul acknowledging all the fans with signs. He read a few and had fun with a few. He said one read, “SIGN MY BUTT!” Paul’s response? “Ok go on then. Let’s have a look at it!” He and the band then played Being For the Benefit of Mister Kite.

After Mister Kite, Paul switched over to the ukulele. I knew where this was going… Any time Paul pulls out a ukulele he does it as a tribute to George Harrison. He tells the audience about how he and George were playing one day and Paul said he learned one of George’s songs on ukulele. That song was Something. This is where I started to tear up.

After the beautiful tribute to George came Ob La Di Ob La Da from The Beatles’ White Album. Paul let the audience take over at one point. Next came a trio of songs Paul had never done live until this tour. Those songs were You Never Give Me Your Money and She Came In Through the Bathroom Window.

Get Back was next. This is another song I had never heard Paul do live. But I guess it makes sense, seeing as this was Paul’s “Paul Got Back” Tour. Up next came the Wings classic Band On the Run.

After rocking out on Band On the Run, Paul mellowed things out with The Beatles classic Let It Be. All of Camden Yards was illuminated by phone lights and lighters.

The Wings classic Live and Let Die came next. And HOLY PYRO, BATMAN! The fireworks were insane! It legit looked like Camden Yards had caught fire! After all the craziness that was Live and Let Die came the iconic Beatles song Hey Jude. Paul let the audience, per usual, take over on the “Na na na na” portion. This song lasted 8 1/2 minutes! It was amazing!

After Hey Jude, Paul and his band said good night…for 5 minutes. They came out for an encore. The first song of the encore was I’ve Got A Feeling. This was special because Paul had footage of John Lennon singing background vocals. McCartney and Lennon had reunited onstage, even if it was just a video of John for a few minutes. I started to get misty-eyed at this moment.

The next song of the encore was Birthday “For anyone celebrating a birthday today…or any day.” I wanted to call my sister Caroline during but my phone was at 2%. The reason? Caroline’s birthday is June 12, the same night as the McCartney concert.

Helter Skelter came next. I was in the bathroom for this song but it was neat to hear it! Following that came the real end to the show…Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, and, fittingly, The End from the Abbey Road album. This was a jam song between Carry That Weight and The End. Paul and his band kicked SO MUCH ASS that night! Paul is 80 years old and still puts on a show better than some artists half his age!

One thing people have been griping about with Paul lately is his voice. I was a little apprehensive going to the show, honestly. And to be real, Paul’s voice did sound rough at some points, but, again, the dude is EIGHTY F—-ING YEARS OLD! He has been around and performing for OVER 60 YEARS! I challenge anyone to sing and hold an audience for damn near three hours straight and not have their voice crack once or twice…or go entirely! Paul cannot hit the high notes as well as he used to, but oh well. Oh, and before the encore, Paul only took two drinks of water. That is nothing short of impressive!

Honestly, my main gripe with Paul is that he did not sing Yesterday. It is a shame because it is such a beautiful song and a fan favorite. One other thing that kinda rubbed me the wrong way was when I first walked in. Members of PETA were stopping people and trying to hand out leaflets. I know Paul McCartney is an avid vegetarian and animal rights activist. So in that regard, I get why they were there. But it was a little over-the-top.

After the show, I headed to the Camden Yards Light Rail to head back home to Falls Road. This was Hell! We got on the Light Rail at around 11:35pm and just sat there. And sat…and sat…and sat…and sat! Finally, around 12am, the Light Rail took off and I finally got home around 12:30am Sunday morning. And I had to work the next morning!

So all in all, it was a great last-minute show! The Beatles are tied with Pink Floyd as my all-time favorite band so it was amazing being able to see a living legend in my hometown of Baltimore! Oh, and this show was a special one. Paul had not been to Baltimore since 1964 when he was with The Beatles. To give you an idea of the last time Paul was in Baltimore, all four Beatles were still alive, young, and a lot of some classic songs like Hey Jude and Let It Be hadn’t even been thought of yet!

But all in all, Paul is always a pleasure to see! I feel bad for John Flansburgh from They Might Be Giants (and the band as a whole) but it led to the best last-minute concert ever! Have you seen Paul McCartney? Are you a fan of his music? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


Hershey Trip (Again)

Last Saturday, June 4, 2022, my roommate and I visited HersheyPark. Today I am going to walk you through what our day looked like. Spoiler alert: It got crowded!

So the park officially opened at 11am. But with the type of Membership we have, we got to get into the park at 10am. Now I want to specify something. This is only the FRONT end of the park. But it was well worth it because I got a front row walk-on ride on one of the most popular rides in the park, the classic 1946 wooden coaster, Comet. It has been awhile since I have ridden this, due to its proximity to the front of Hersheypark and popularity. So Comet is dwarfed by SkyRush right next to it. BUT let me tell you…this ride is AWESOME! All that is holding you in is a buzz bar that doesn’t even touch your body. (It rests probably a good 6 inches or so above your lap) and a VERY loose seatbelt. And while we are on the subject of that seatbelt: It will actually loosen during the ride. As a result, on those hills, you go FLYING! Even though there are brakes scattered throughout the layout, I got a trimless ride. Straight-up standing airtime on EVERY SINGLE HILL! And it’s smooth! Comet is easily one of the most smooth rides in the park! That is amazing considering it is 76 years old!

Next ride I hit was SkyRush. Initially, I was going to wait for the front row. However, due to how slowly the line for the front moves, (slower than a snail’s pace) I went for the back row…again, with no wait! It was 10:30 at this point. So I had time to knock out this ride twice. Two tips for SkyRush. One: Wait for the back and Two: WAIT…FOR…THE…BACK! Oh my God! Up front, the ejector airtime is crazy! In the back it is HEAVENLY! I have done this thing in the back more times than I can count as opposed to maybe 10 times in the front since SkyRush opened in 2012. Now…be warned about the restraints. They are not the most comfortable. There is a reason this ride is nicknamed ”ThighCrush”. I am willing to overlook this due to the ride’s sheer intensity.

Next came the classic Schwarzkopf coaster, SooperDooperLooper. This was the first roller coaster on the East Coast to go upside-down. It features one vertical loop at the beginning of the layout. This loop is forceful, and the only thing holding you in is a lap bar. Due to the forces on the loop, the bar is sufficient. After that, the ride is “ok”. It is fun, but nothing special. However this ride holds a special place in my heart. It is the first roller coaster I ever rode that went upside-down.

At this point, it was nearing 11am. So my roommate and I headed to check out the rest of the park. (As an FYI, I rode these rides by myself. My roommate is not a fan of big rides or roller coasters.) I scored a first ride of the day backseat ride on Great Bear, Hershey’s B&M inverted coaster. This means the cars hang below the track. This ride is actually unique as after the lift hill, it features a downward helix and segues into the main 124 foot drop. The ride itself is only 90 feet tall, but it dives into a trench. The aforementioned helix is intense in the back! My vision actually went fuzzy during the helix! Oh, and it feels like a long ride, too! I have always loved this coaster!

After Great Bear, I rode the park’s log flume, Coal Cracker. This is not the tallest, longest or fastest log ride in the world, but I enjoy it. The layout takes you right next to some of Hershey’s other rides like Great Bear and SooperDooperLooper. Plus the main drop is fun and has a little hump after which gives a quick pop of airtime. And there are no restraints. Just rails on the side of the log you hold on to. Since there was a minimal wait for Coal Cracker, I opted to ride it three times.

After getting my fill of water on Coal Cracker, I noticed the Hershey’s Triple Tower had ZERO wait. I rode the tallest one in the Hershey Tower. This is a 189 foot tower that blasts you up and then back down. Normally, I say the taller the better. But in this case, I think I actually prefer the two smaller towers. I think the second-tallest (Reese’s Tower) is my favorite. But the Hershey Tower does offer the best view of Hersheypark, so that is why I rode it.

At this point, my roommate and I decided to take a break and see a show. We saw the noon Aqua Theater Show. This is a show featuring seals and sea lions. It is a decently long show, too, clocking in at about 20 minutes. It was cool seeing the trainers interact with the animals and seeing what these animals are capable of.

From there, we headed to the newest rides in the park in Mix’d and Jolly Rancher Remix. Jolly Rancher Remix had a near hour wait, which is insane seeing as it is a cloned ride ad nauseam. It is just a repainted, rethemed Vekoma Boomerang coaster. Now don’t get me wrong. The ride looks amazing, but I’m sorry. I am NOT waiting an hour for a Boomerang!

But I did ride HersheyPark’s newest ride in Mix’d. Mix’d is mesmerizing to watch!

I’d even go as far as saying it’s borderline hypnotic to watch. So how does it ride? This is a family ride, so it’s not super tall or fast, nor does it go upside down. But that’s perfectly ok. I LOVE THIS RIDE! Seriously! This ride is SO MUCH FUN! Watch the POV I took. I was smiling ear to ear on this ride!

I would place this ride at the top of my non-coasters list at Hershey and even above some coasters. (*cough Wildcat*). Excuse me…

Next was a first for me. My roommate and I ventured into the water park. I have only been in this area during Hersheypark In the Dark around Halloween last year. And, obviously, none of the water rides were open. Neither of us had swimming suits on, but I bit the bullet and hopped in line for my first-ever water coaster. I waited in line for probably a half hour for this thing, only to find out single riders were not allowed. I was pissed. Thankfully, a family of three was in line behind me and they offered to let me ride with them. The only awkward part about this was the riding position. They load tallest to shortest so I was behind this man and had to ride with my legs literally woven between this guy’s arms. But this was a fun ride! It has multiple large drops with some airtime. My only gripe is that I did not get as wet as I had anticipated.

Following that, I snagged a front-row ride on Wildcat. Wildcat was Great Coasters International (GCI)’s first ever coaster built back in 1996. And believe me…it is REALLY showing its age! Generally the front is the smoothest spot on any roller coaster. Even up front, this ride is BRUTAL! It will shake you up and you will be asking yourself “Why the Hell did I do this?!” Honestly, Comet, a ride that is nearly three times older than Wildcat, is running smoother than this!

Next was Lightning Racer, another GCI. This one is smooth though. Actually, this is two coaster that race each other. This ride rarely has a line exceeding 15 minutes. I love this ride! It is so much fun to talk trash to other riders! AND as a bonus, my side won! (Take THAT, Lightning Train!)

Next I opted to hit a ride I have not ridden in awhile. This is Fahrenheit. This ride always has an obnoxiously long line. I waited an hour and 15 minutes to ride this. It would have been longer had the ride ops not called for a single rider in the back seat. This is my new favorite place to ride this coaster! The airtime on the 97 degree drop is INSANE! Plus you haul through the ride back there! I love this ride to pieces! It’s just a shame the line is always so long.

At this point, it was 5pm and my roommate’s parents were there to pick us up. However, I was in line for Storm Runner, Hershey’s launched coaster. This thing blasts you from a dead standstill to 72 mph in 2 seconds! From there you drop 180 feet and go upside-down three times all in 30 seconds. It’s crazy fast!

After my front row ride on Storm Runner, we met my roommate’s parents and headed out to eat at Primanti Brothers. This chain in Pennsylvania has MASSIVE sandwiches! I saved half for breakfast the next day. After dinner, my roommate and I headed back to our apartment in Baltimore. All in all, it was a fun day! I missed some coasters (like Jolly Rancher Remix, Trailblazer and Candymonium) but I will be back for those!

So that was my day at HersheyPark on June 4, 2022. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did reliving it! Thanks for reading!


Almost Goodbye Time

As of my writing this, it is Tuesday, May 17, 2022. I am moving out of my parents’ house in Baldwin, Maryland to Baltimore. So not too far away, but still moving nonetheless. I know it seems cliche to say “I’m moving out of my parents’ house” but as a 31 year old adult who has never really lived on his own before, it’s a change. One thing I am kinda happy about, weird as it sounds, is my dog Dixie dying while I am still here. At least I was with her.

Having said that, I still have my two crazy kitties, Boh and Bella. I think they can tell something is going on. They keep cuddling me and will not leave me alone. Granted, Boh and Bella are cuddlebugs anyway but more than usual. Bella claims me as “her” human. She constantly jumps up on my shoulders and just hangs out up there. Boh has been sleeping with me and cuddling up and purring…loudly. I am going to miss my crazy cats when I move out.

As for my parents? Um…it’s complicated. Yes I will miss them, BUT we all have cell phones. I know I can call them anytime and talk to them. We also have FaceTime and have a plan to meet once a week or so for dinner. And I know it’s not like I can never come home again. I know full well I can always come home for the day or even a weekend. My sister Caroline in Philadelphia does that from time to time. As long as my Mom does not “girly” up my room and paint it pink with flower decor, it’s still my room.

Another thing I am relieved about is the rules surrounding drinking. I like to have a drink (or a few) during the weekend. But I am moving through an agency. So I was skeptical if alcohol was allowed. So I brought it up with my Housing Manager. She said I am allowed to drink. As well I should. I’m an adult. My boss at work even offered to donate her old mini fridge to me for the apartment.

While all this does sound like an amazing opportunity, I am a little nervous. Call it “pre-show jitters”. I am ready to move out of my parents’ house, sure, but at the same time, it’s a new experience.I have no idea how it will be without my parents. I am nervous about this and am getting more nervous the closer May 23 gets. But I try not to let that deter me. I try to focus on the positive. I am excited about this opportunity and am beyond relieved I am moving in with my two best friends! Thank God for that! We will have each other for support.

So what was your experience moving out on your own? Or what do you hope for when you move out on your own? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!