To My Biggest Advocate

This is going to be a special post. This one is a dedication. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, Sunday May 9th. This post is going out to my mom. She is more than a mom to me. She is my ally, my biggest supporter, and just all around one of, if not, the most important person in my life.

I do not want to take anything away from any other moms of Autistic individuals. But I do not know any Autism moms as well as my mom. I have a lot of allies in the Autism community (my boss, job, agency, etc.) but my mom came first. She is essentially the one who started this whole thing. I cannot tell you how much gratitude I owe my mom.

If it wasn’t for my mom, I might not have found my agency, and in turn, never would have found my life’s calling in advocacy. From the beginning my mom has always been right next to me and by my side. Not to mention on my side a lot of the time. I have a special connection with my mom. We are extremely close! Maybe a little too close. It seems I have to be involved in all aspects of what she is doing every minute of every day. Sorry, mom…

So just to close this dedication post up, I know it seems kind of short. But honestly if I were to continue with every great thing my mom has ever done for me, we’d be here all day. So mom, thank you for everything! I love you more than you will ever know! Happy Mother’s Day!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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