A Hard Day

Today is an emotional day for me. We are putting my beloved 12 year old dog, Dixie, down today. I have had Dixie since she was just a puppy and raised her. I love Dixie more than words can ever say.

I actually got Dixie from a horse farm called Freedom Hills. I was a Senior in High School at the time, but close to graduating. One of our instructors had this absolutely adorable little puppy in a cage with in the stables. I said that the dog was cute and the instructor said, “I can’t keep her. They don’t allow dogs at my apartment. Do you want her?” After talking it over with my parents, my Dad and I went back from Baltimore City to Port Deposit, MD to get the dog.

We took Dixie home in a box filled with straw from the stables. Our other dog at the time, Buster, was getting up in age. So you can imagine how he felt when this rambunctious “annoying” little puppy came into his territory. They never really did grow entirely used to each other. But I will say after we had Buster put down, which was one of the hardest days of my life—mainly because I was not there with him—Dixie did sort of soften the blow a little bit.

So when we moved to where we are now in Baldwin, Maryland, obviously Dixie came with us. And man, when we pulled up to our at the time new house, Dixie jumped out of the truck and immediately marked her territory…meaning she peed on a tree. It was nice because we have an acre of land where Dixie could run around and just be a dog and enjoy herself.

We used to play fetch with Dixie and Buster all the time. They were very active. Buster used to jump up midair and catch a ball or frisbee. But this is not about Buster. Dixie could run the entire length of our yard and back barely without breaking a sweat. She loved to play!

Even people who aren’t fans of animals seemed to love Dixie. As an example, our next door neighbors had two kids. One was scared of dogs. We had a surprise party for my mom one year and Dixie ran up to this kid and started licking his hand. I think Dixie was trying to tell the kid it’s ok. My aunts aren’t the biggest animal fans, either. But everyone loves Dixie! She’s just that kind of dog!

Dixie was more than a pet to me. She is the epitome of the term “Man’s Best Friend”. Whenever I was having a rough day, I’d pet Dixie and immediately feel better. I know Dixie has had a good life, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

What really drove the point home for me was yesterday. I was helping my Dad dig a grave for Dixie. That’s when it hit me. “My dog is going in here. I’m never going to see her alive again after tomorrow.” It’s going to be different without one of my best friends around, that’s for sure. I know I can always go out and visit her grave, but it’s not the same. I’m used to laying next to Dixie and having her lick my hand. After today, that will never happen again.

So to conclude, I cannot say enough good things about Dixie. She really was a great dog. I have memories with Dixie that will last the rest of my lifetime. Rest In Peace, Dixie. We love you.

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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