My Life Via Roller Coaster

I crave elements of danger. I have been to many different amusement and theme parks around the country, and one in Canada. Probably my favorite park to visit is in Sandusky, Ohio. The park in question? None other than “America’s Roller Coast” Cedar Point. This place is amazing! They have 78 rides, of which 19 are roller coasters. That in and of itself is impressive. What’s even more unbelievable is the fact that most of the coasters are world-class rides. Some examples are Top Thrill Dragster, the world’s first roller coaster to go over 400 feet and goes 120 mph in 3 1/2 seconds; Millennium Force, the first coaster EVER to go over 300 feet high and reaches speeds of 93 mph; Magnum XL-200, the first roller coaster to ever go over 200 feet (205); Maverick which is one of my favorite coasters, and my #1 all-time, bar-none roller coaster…the legendary Steel Vengeance. Steel Vengeance used to be the world’s tallest all-wood coaster when it opened in 1991. In 2018, a company called Rock Mountain Construction, RMC, added steel track and made it 205 feet tall, as opposed to the original height of 160 feet. There is also a wooden coaster called Blue Streak which was built in the 60s. You know, for being over half a century old, this woodie is still a lot of fun! Oh my dear sweet God! I cannot rave enough about these world-class coasters! And that’s not even counting the Hotel Breakers, which might be one of the greatest hotels I have ever stayed in!This place is a Mecca for thrill junkies! People who are obsessed with roller coasters make essentially a pilgrimage to Cedar Point, and I can see why!

I have also visited multiple Disney parks, Universal parks, SeaWorld parks, and Hershey Park. Hershey is the sweetest place on Earth. The whole place legit smells like chocolate.  I travel for fun, but if there is a thrill involved, that only sweetens the deal! I love the rush you get on a roller coaster. That feeling of impending doom, rethinking your life decisions, the drops and getting flung out of your seat (airtime), the “Oh shit I’m gonna die!” moments…those are the things I look for in a good roller coaster.  I love the thrill only a roller coaster can provide. Roller coasters are my drug. It’s euphoria at its finest for me. I am addicted. I have a problem. If there’s a Roller Coasters Anonymous, I belong there in therapy with the rest of the thrill seekers. 

So do you like roller coasters? What thrills or terrifies you? What’s your favorite ride? Let me know in the comments and until next time..Let’s Ride!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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