My dog, Dixie, has not been doing well lately. She is a 12 year old lab mix. She is the sweetest girl! Yesterday, July 10, she couldn’t even get up. The night before, she fell down our stairs…twice. I thought she was a goner. So my dad and I took her to the vet. After waiting maybe an hour, and believe me, it was one of the longest hours of my life…Dixie walked out of the vet’s office of her own accord! Keep in mind, we had to physically carry Dixie from our house to the car. They said she had a swollen paw but little else. Today, July 11, is like a world of difference! I have no idea what the Hell they did but Dixie is back to her happy, energetic self! It’s amazing! She is up and walking around on her own. Right now she is sitting next to me as I pet her.

I got Dixie from a girl I used to do therapeutic horseback riding with. Dixie was 4 weeks old at that point. Oh my God she was adorable as a puppy! Even at 12 years old, she is still adorable! She is super affectionate and is always popular whenever people come over the house. She craves attention…most of the time. In her age, she  developed skin tags and a fluid-filled thing that looks like a tumor. It’s nothing to worry about, though. At least not according to our vet. She will get a little nippy if you touch her in certain spots but she has never actually bitten me. She also has arthritis. But still, despite all this, I love her to death! She isn’t as agile as she used to be, but that’s ok.

I was SUPER worried about Dixie yesterday. I still am, but my fears are somewhat alleviated. We put up gates so she can’t get up or down our stairs and risk falling again. I know it must be killing Dixie not being able to go up with us every night. Prior to the other night, she used to come up with us every night and sleep in either my room or my parents room.

I think dogs choose their owners rather than the other way around. I am honored to say Dixie chose me as her owner. I think Dixie can sense that I am more “vulnerable” than others in my family due to my health issues. She sticks by my side. When I broke my arm and had my pacemaker put in five years ago, Dixie never left my side. She is loyal as all get out. And in the end, that’s what makes a good companion. Dixie is more than just a pet to me. She is my friend. Actually, my best non-human friend. Whenever I am upset or pissed or whatever, I talk to or play with Dixie. I know no matter what I say or do, Dixie has my back. She has been with me through thick and thin. With Dixie, I know I have a friend for life. And that means the world and more to me!

So do you have any pets? Do you feel the same? I’d love to hear from you about this, especially from people who are on the Autism Spectrum. Feel free to comment and thanks for reading!



Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

One thought on “Dixie”

  1. Me and my Merlin! The sweetest little boy! My non human best friend. He is loyal as can be! He has picked me as his person which is the best! He stays by me when I am not feeling well. He will sit on my lap and not let me move when my heart is acting up. He has learned when my blood sugar is low. He will nudge my arm. He is the best dog for me! I know that with him I have a friend for life! I love my baby boy so much! My nickname for him is love bug! I can’t imagine life without my little buddy by my side. I am so thankful for him! I love my little Merlin!


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