Hershey Trip

Yesterday, July 3, 2020 I got the chance to visit HersheyPark on its first day open to the public. It was hot as Hell but who cares? If you are unfamiliar, Hershey just opened a $150,000,000 expansion to the park called ChocolateTown. So first impressions? The new area looks fantastic! Hershey knocked it outta the park with this area! The whole area is themed to…you guessed it…Mickey Mouse! No, it’s naturally themed to chocolate. And not only does the area look good, but it smells like chocolate, too. It’s amazing. So well done! The main draw of ChocolateTown is their newest roller coaster, Candymonium. This is a ride that has really been hyped up over the last year. And caused some debate. See, Candymonium is a hyper coaster. Meaning it is over 200 feet. However HersheyPark already had a hyper coaster called Skyrush. So the debate was, why is Hershey putting in a second one? I have an answer. Thighcrush, I mean Skyrush…is intense as anything! It’s really aggressive. The coaster enthusiasts call Skyrush Thighcrush because the restraints dig into and actually tend to leave marks on your thighs. Not comfy.  Candymonium, while taller and faster (barely) is a lot less forceful and more graceful. Candymonium is a ride you go and have fun on. Skyrush is forceful. Unfortunately, some of the rides were closed. The launched coaster, Storm Runner, is closed for the entire 2020 season and possibly 2021. The ride needs a new part from the manufacturer in Switzerland. The first looping roller coaster on the East Coast, SooperDooperLooper, is also closed for maintenance. Another thing with Storm Runner is there is a lawsuit against the ride. Article is attached. Lightning Racer, the park’s racing wooden coasters, was open but broke down right as I was about to ride it and it didn’t reopen for the rest of the day. Bummer… But everything else was open. The longest wait I had all day was for Candymonium. And that was only about an hour if that. Everything else was either a walk-on or had less than a 20 minute wait. It was Heavenly! Now if you know me, you know I generally do not do water rides. So I did not go into the water park. However I did do a ride where you get wet called Tidal Force. It is a ride where it takes you up high, turns and drops into a pool of water. I rode up front and got drenched! But it was 96 degrees so I am not complaining. It felt great! I also did their log ride, Coal Cracker. That was nice and relaxing and got my legs wet. So I got four rides in on Candymonium. The front was great, but the back was spectacular later on! Hershey closed at 9pm last night and I was on the last train of the night for Candymonium. The Great Bear had a 10 minute wait all day, as did Comet. SkyRush had a 15 minute wait and that was for the front. All other rows were total walk-ons. The Sidewinder roller coaster, which only runs one car, had no wait whatsoever and I rode with NOBODY ELSE! How often do you get a solo ride on opening day? Trailblazer, the mine train coaster, had a one-train wait for the front. Actually, there was no wait for any other row. I rode Trailblazer in the back row FIVE TIMES without leaving my seat. So all in all I had an amazing socially distant day at HersheyPark! I love it there and cannot wait to go back later this summer!



Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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