Excitement to Get Back

So I found out I am going to one of my favorite parks this Friday, July 3. The park? None other than the Sweetest Place on Earth…HersheyPark. Oh my God you have NO CLUE how insanely happy I am! I mean, it’d be nice to get out of the house for any reason, but add the fact I get to do my favorite thing outside advocacy? Hell yeah I’m in! One major bummer is that my favorite ride in the park—Storm Runner—for some crazy reason, is closed for the whole 2020 season. I LOVE that ride! 0-72 mph launch in 2 seconds, 3 inversions (meaning you go upside down 3 times), 150 feet tall…count me in! But to compensate Hershey is opening their 14th roller coaster. Season pass-holders have already ridden it and said it’s amazing. Candymonium, a “hyper coaster” (200-299 feet tall), is the newest ride. It is 210 feet tall, goes 76 mph, has almost a mile of track, and goes around Hershey’s front entrance. Not to mention it is made by one of my favorite roller coaster manufacturers, Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M). B&M are known for making some kick ass rides. Actually,  my favorite hyper coaster was built by B&M. It is called Mako and is located at SeaWorld Orlando. This ride is incredible! The airtime (the feeling you get when you are lifted out of your seat) is INSANE! In the front, the airtime is great! In the back? You’re pretty much standing up on those hills. It’s crazy! So if Candymonium is anything like Mako…I already know I’m gonna love it!  Actually B&M also built another ride at Hershey. They built the inverted coaster, Great Bear. Inverted is when the coaster car hangs beneath the track. It goes close to 60 mph, has four inversions, is 90 feet tall, and has a drop of 125 feet! How does it do that? Well this coaster is built in basically a trench by the water. It’s a fun ride! Of course, maybe one of the most famous coasters at Hershey, or maybe in the United States, is SooperDooperLooper. Funny name…historic ride. Despite the name, SooperDooperLooper only has one loop. I admit, it isn’t he smoothest, fastest or most intense coaster out there (or even in the park for that matter) but it’s just “fun”. Plus it holds sentimental value to me because it was the first roller coaster I ever rode that goes upside down. Now if you wanna get really vintage, right across from SDL is Comet. Comet is a classic wooden coaster built in 1946. So yeah…this ride is OLD! And rickety as Hell! But having said that, it has actually held up really well for being around about 74 years. It’s a little bumpy, but that’s to be expected with a ride this old. Honestly, Comet is running smoother than another wooden coaster in the park, Wildcat. Seriously. Wildcat is a wooden coaster made in 1996 by one of the best wooden coaster companies in the business and it has NOT held up well! Like every time I ride it, I feel I should call a chiropractor after. One of my favorite coasters in the park…built by the same company that made Wildcat weirdly enough…is Lightning Racer. Lightning Racer is a dueling pair of wooded coasters that intertwine and race. It has gotten *slightly* bumpy over the years since it first opened in 2000. But it rarely has a line over 10 minutes. It’s amazing how popular this ride is yet it never gets a line! No joke the last time I was at Hershey, I switched trains and rode each side 4 times with no wait and without even leaving the cars! One tame ride at Hershey that I always without fail get on is the mine ride, Trailblazer. Look, I know it is seen as a family ride or even a coaster for kids, but again…nostalgia. This is the first roller coaster I remember riding when I was 4 or 5 so yeah. For sentimental reasons I kinda have to ride this. Now some of you may be thinking “Wait! You left out Skyrush!” Well…no I didn’t. I enjoy Skyrush…it is super fast and exciting…but the leg restraints are brutal! I think this is the most intense coaster I have been on to date. It’s only about a minute long, but it is memorable! And to some that is a negative. Skyrush is a ride where you either love it or you hate it. Me? I love the ride but loathe the restraints. Last time I rode this, I had a bruise on my thigh just from that dumb lap bar. The last ride I wanna mention that is fun but maybe a little too hyped up is the spinning coaster, Laff Trakk. The queue and interior of the coaster are probably my favorite theme on a ride. It is themed to an old-fashioned funhouse! Like with props, black lights, sound effects and everything! Even waiting in line for this is fun because, one it is indoors in the air condioning, and two: they have those weird, goofy funhouse mirrors that show you in various forms. That’s almost as fun as the ride itself! By the way if you want to see what the interior looks like, I have attached video links below. Keep in mind the POV was shot with permission with a GoPro a and chest harness. So have you ever been to Hershey? What is your favorite ride or attraction there? Feel free to comment and thanks for reading! Ride on!




Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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