Yet Another Show Review

A few days ago, I installed Netflix on my fire stick in my room.  Well it was while sifting through shows to watch—out of boredom keep in mind—I came across a Netflix series from 2017. I know, I’m antiquated. The only reason I started watching this show was because I thought it sounded “interesting” and, again, nothing else piqued my interest. The name of the show? The End of the F***ing World. I am still in the middle of season 1. I love this show! It is gripping and, despite the premise, somewhat relatable. One thing I thought was a “turn-off” was the Britishness of the show. See, the show takes place in Britain. If you aren’t used to British accents when you aren’t expecting it, yeah…it can be a little distracting and off-putting. The opening episode opens with a Hell of a bang. The opening line is, “My name is James. I’m 17 and I’m pretty sure I am a psychopath”. That immediately grabbed my attention. Like, “Whoa! Hello!” That part is not the relatable part to me…don’t worry. It’s when James meets Alyssa that he kind of starts to turn. Not much but a little. James had always had a morbid fascination with killing things. It started with an animal. Then he tried harming himself. He wants to try killing a person. Enter Alyssa. Throughout a lot of the first season, amidst James and Alyssa’s journey, James is trying to determine the best time to kill her. Look, I have never had the urge to kill things, let alone a person. But I have experienced those angsty teenage years. Moody, emotional, feeling isolated and like I don’t fit in…

The “journey” comes into play when Alyssa tells James “This town is shit. Let’s leave.” James steals his dad’s car and, obviously, Alyssa goes with him. I am not going to go into detail about what happens on their trip. That’d ruin it for all involved reading this. But I will say James starts to come around to Alyssa. After Alyssa is attacked, James as a voice over says, “I never saved Alyssa. Alyssa saved me.” Oh, that’s another thing I failed to mention. A lot of the show isn’t your traditional dialogue. It’s voiceovers from James and Alyssa. Think of it as narration driven.

So do I suggest watching this series? It depends. For me I love it! But the language, content and language? I can see where it might be a little much for some people. So it’s kind of a mixed bag. For its score, based off what I’ve seen so far, 10/10. Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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