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So I’d like to talk about probably my favorite TV show having to do with Autism. I am referring to Atypical. I started watching it awhile back and it kinda fell by the wayside until about a week ago. I started watching it with my mom.  I know, it sounds mushy. But I watched all three seasons in a week and HOLY SHIT! This show is AMAZING! Sam, the lead character, is totally relatable. Well maybe that’s an overstatement. Sam, played by Kier Gilchrist, might be *slightly* over exaggerated when it comes to Autism but then again there is a reason they call it a Spectrum. I am just one guy. I do not know every single stinking person with Autism.  Maybe there is a Sam out there and I just haven’t met him yet…or her. But Sam does show real-life struggles of an Autistic person.  Whether it be college, family life, social interactions, or even sex…yes, Atypical addresses sex on the Spectrum…it’s confusing. I imagine it is confusing for neurotypicals let alone on the Spectrum. The last episode deals with a real hardship..losing friends and doing everything to get them back. I am NOT going to tell you how it ends. But luckily for us who have seen the whole show, another season is coming. Shitty as it sounds, that season and final episodes won’t be here until 2021. Like, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ATYPICAL?! I have to wait a whole other year before I find out what happens with Sam, his girlfriend, and sister! That’s bullshit! Anyway, Atypical is probably my favorite Autism driven show. I have yet to watch The Good Doctor but believe me it is on the agenda. So to wrap this up if you have any question of being alone with Autism, watch Atypical. I think it is the closest to truth in advertising as you can get with television, excluding Julia on Sesame Street. So if you have see Atypical let me know. If not, stop reading this right now and watch the damn show! Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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