Possible Road Trip

I love to travel. Something I love even more is history. So I am looking forward to a possible history/amusement park trip to Massachusetts in June. Why Massachusetts of all places? There are a few reasons. Number one. I’ve always wanted to see Boston. It’s just one of those places I’ve always wanted to go. Secondly there is a Six Flags park that has been on my amusement park bucket list forever. Six Flags New England is home to two world-renowned roller coasters. Wicked Cyclone is a steel/wooden hybrid coaster that was in the Top Ten coasters in the world when it opened. The ride used to be an all wood coaster. A roller coaster manufacturer called Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) redid the coaster and made it better. I’m looking forward to Wicked Cyclone because RMC is my favorite coaster manufacturer.   Actually my all-time favorite roller coaster, Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point, was built by RMC. The other coaster I am dying to ride is the world-famous Superman. This hyper coaster (a roller coaster 200-299 feet tall) was actually voted the #1 steel roller coaster in the world a few times since it opened in 2000. That’s pretty damn cool! Last but not least, I want to visit Salem. Salem is where the infamous Salem Witch Trials happened. Go figure… As I said earlier, I am a history guy. I love haunted sites. I’ve done ghost tours in Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Williamsburg, Virginia, and here in Baltimore. I love haunted history so again, Salem is a bucket list destination for me. In general, traveling anywhere excites me. Road trips are my favorite way to travel. Flying does get you there quicker and can get  to exotic places, but I prefer driving. Driving you can stop and admire the sights. Plus usually there is no rental car hassle  I have done multiple road trips both in the mainland United States, Hawaii, and to Canada. Even though some trips took longer than others, I have loved all of them! My favorite was through the Mojave Desert from Las Vegas to Southern California. That was amazing! So have you ever been to Boston or Salem? What is on your destination/travel bucket list? Feel free to comment and, as always, thanks for reading!
























Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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