This weekend I am going to one of my favorite annual events, the Maryland Irish Festival at the MD State Fairgrounds. I go every year and it is always a great time! Some of my favorite Irish bands and musicians will be there. Dublin 5, ShamRogues, Screaming Orphans, Kilmaine Saints, and Seamus Kennedy will all be there this year. Seamus Kennedy is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Not only is he a great musician, but he is really funny, too! He jokes with the audience and I think that adds a “personal” level to his performances.
Dublin 5 are an incredible and energetic band live. Ray, the lead singer, is from Ireland. He recognized me last time I saw them and invited me onstage for Galway Girl. I know some people do not really like Dublin 5 since most of their songs are not their own; they are covers of others’ songs. They do songs like Come On Eileen, Hey Jude, American Pie, Devil Went Down to Georgia, and some U2. Covers or not, I still love this band!
The Screaming Orphans are good, too. I am not as familiar with their music as I am with the others, but I have seen them once or twice and they are energetic and a fun time!
Kilmaine Saints are probably my second favorite band that are performing this year (ShamRogues being the first). The Saints cover a few songs, too, but also have some originals. Probably my favorite song by them is The Whiskey is Calling. Of course, this song involves drinking, but I am Irish. I can handle it.
And then, of course, there’s my favorite band when it comes to Irish music: the ShamRogues. These guys are locals and they blow me away every time I see them! Jim Phelan, the banjo player and band “leader” is such a great guy! The band knows me since I see them often. The one con about them is that their original singer, Adam Wyatt, is not with the band anymore. That is a shame since he has an amazing voice! He still occasionally sings, but it is very rarely. The singer now is great, but there was just something about Adam’s voice you couldn’t help but love. Katie Fox is the dancer in ShamRogues. She is a Hell of an Irish dancer! In fact, she is an eight-time world champion Irish dancer…and she is from Baltimore! Talk about representing your hometown!
So in closing, I am SUPER stoked for this weekend! The Irish Festival runs Friday night-Sunday night. I will be there Friday night and all day Saturday. Thanks for reading!

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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