So yesterday, October 27, 2019, I went to a benefit show at Main Street Tower in
Bel Air, MD. The benefit show was for a young man named Ryan Perry. Back in
May 2019, Ryan was jet skiing and contracted a brain eating amoeba. As a result,
he lost his ability to walk as well as a spinal cord injury. Nowadays, Ryan is
recovering in a wheelchair and doing well. Jim Phelan from one of my favorite
bands, ShamRogues, organized the entire show himself. I always liked Jim and
thought he was a genuinely nice guy. This just ups my respect for him and the
ShamRogues overall. The show was from 1pm-8pm. The first person—not a band,
just one guy—was Spencer Joyce. Spencer surprised me. He is a great musician! I
got to talking to him after his set. He is a super nice guy and a pleasure to talk to!
He even invited me to do a song with him on the off-chance one of the other bands
didn’t show up. The band did wind up showing up, so it never happened. Still, it
was damn nice of him to invite me to do that. Anyway, Spencer opened with
Simple Man by Lynryd Skynrd, played some Irish tunes, and closed with
American Pie by Don McLean. After Spencer, Icewagon Flu took the stage. I have
seen Icewagon Flu once before and thought they were pretty good. Yesterday, they
played for about an hour. Some of the songs they played were South Australia,
Let’s Dance by David Bowie, and finished with Message in a Bottle by the Police.
Probably the weirdest song they did was Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.
Okay… After Icewagon Flu, a local band called Poehemia took the stage. They
played Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly, Come on Eileen by Dexy’s
Midnight Runners, and Should I Stay or Should I Go by the Clash, along with
some other songs. After Poehemia, the ShamRogues got up and played. The
ShamRogues are probably my favorite Irish bands ever. They are such an amazing
band to see live! Probably my favorite song they did was the Unicorn Song. That is
always a fun song to hear live! Closing out the night was Barleyjuice. This is the
band I was most hesitant to see, even though I am a HUGE fan of Barleyjuice. I
was hesitant because the band got a new lineup. The only original members left are
Kyf Brewer, the singer and band leader, John Tracey the drummer, and the bass
player Eric Worthington. They were still really good last night, don’t get me
wrong, but I think I prefer the original lineup just a little more than the current one.
I was so happy to hear them play my favorite song by them, Weekend Irish. The
show last night was the first show ever with the new lineup. I did not think they
would play Weekend Irish, since the new members probably were not too familiar
with it yet. So yeah, it was a good show for a great cause! It was a $10 donation to
get in and 20% of all purchases and proceeds go toward Ryan and his recovery. I
felt good knowing I was helping a man in need. Have you ever helped someone by
donating money to a cause? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for



Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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