I got back yesterday, Monday October 14, 2019, from possibly one of the
best weekend trips of my life. I took a road trip with my family to Ohio. We went
to Cleveland and Sandusky for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point.
My aunt and uncle met at my house around 5am. We stopped for coffee at Dunkin’
Donuts. We stopped for a bathroom break about halfway through the trip.
Considering our stops, we made really good time getting to Ohio. We got to
Cleveland around 11:30am. We hit ZERO traffic getting there, which I was very
happy about! So after eating at a place in Cleveland called the Winking Lizard, we
walked to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I have been to the HoF 3 times in my
life and this place never ceases to amaze! This place is MASSIVE! I am a music
guy and I was in my element in this place! I loved seeing all the rock memorabilia
and iconic props and things. I saw handwritten lyrics by Joe Walsh, the Doors, the
Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix. I even got to play the drums there, which was really
neat! After leaving the Hall of Fame, we went to the house my dad and my aunt
grew up in. My grandparents moved to Baltimore when my dad was 2. I honestly
was not that excited about seeing it, since I wanted to get to Cedar Point ASAP. So finally, we got to Sandusky and our hotel, Hotel Breakers, around 6:30pm. After checking in, I hauled ass to the park. Cedar Point was right next to Hotel Breakers, so that was super convenient! Friday night was PACKED! The park was open from 6pm-12am and I managed to get on 3 rides. The first ride I rode was Magnum XL-200. This was the first “hyper-coaster”, meaning the first roller coaster to ever go over 200 feet. I rode in the “magic seat”. That is the seat where you get flung out of your seat more than any other seat. It was fun, but hurt like Hell. Plus it was raining on and off all Friday night. After Magnum, I rode Millennium Force. This ride is 310 feet tall, over 6,000 feet long, 2 ½ minutes long, and goes 93 miles per hour. So yeah…this thing is pretty popular. And apart from one other coaster, this is my favorite at Cedar Point. As a note, I did not ride
Raptor, Valravn, Gatekeeper, or Gemini. The lines were either really long or the
ride was closed all together. Going 93 mph and getting hit with rain? Yeah…it was
painful. But I wouldn’t change that ride for anything! The next day, Saturday, I got to the park at 10am. The park opened “officially” at 11am, but guests at the Hotel Breakers got to enter an hour early. It was cold Saturday so all the taller rides were closed for a while in the morning. The first ride I got on was Maverick. Maverick is a launched roller coaster. It is only 105 feet tall, but Goddamn! This thing is intense as Hell! It starts with a
launched lift hill and has a 95 degree drop…beyond vertical! You get standing airtime on that drop, especially in the back row. Like, I felt unsafe in the last row, the airtime was so powerful. My first ride was in the front. This is probably the most insane ride I have ever ridden! After that, I rode Cedar Creek Mine Ride. This coaster is 50 years old, and it
is starting to show its age. It is still fun, but it is bumpy. I also rode Power Tower, the 300 foot drop ride. The Power Tower had a nearly hour long line. For God’s sake! The only day I got any reprieve from lines was Sunday. I also saw a show called Happily Never After. This show was cool! It had all 1980s rock music and spooky costumes. I LOVED THIS SHOW! I saw it twice. I was at the bar when it started, but got close to the front soon after. The last ride I rode Saturday was “the #1 coaster in the world”, Steel
Vengeance. I rode this around 11:30 at night. OH MY GOD! This ride hauls SO…MUCH…ASS! I am SO glad I got the chance to ride this thing! I waited nearly 3 hours for the ride. It was a pain in the ass waiting in line, but when I got in the ride, OH WOW! Steel Vengeance is a redo of an old wooden coaster from 1991 called Mean Streak. I rode Mean Streak 2 years ago, a month before they closed it. I had heard the Rocky Mountain Coaster (RMC) redo of the ride is legendary. So going in, I was kind of worried that the ride might not live up to the hype. Oh, how wrong I was! The first 205-foot lift hill features a 90 degree drop (straight down)! The ride has four inversions, meaning you go upside-down four times. Steel Vengeance has the most airtime (that weightless feeling you get on a ride) of any roller coaster on the planet at an amazing 28 seconds! The ride is 2 minutes, 15 seconds. Let’s just think about this for a second. Of a 2-minute ride,
you are flying out of your seat for almost ¼ of that. That’s insane! So was Steel
Vengeance worth the wait? YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT IS! My last day at Cedar Point, Sunday, I got to the park around 10:30 and got in right when the park opened for hotel guests at 11am. I rode Maverick first and waited all of 10 minutes for it. After that, I rode the suspended swinging coaster, Iron Dragon. I was on the first train out for the day. Iron Dragon is not tall. It isn’t fast. But the way the ride works, it is just purely a “fun” ride.
After Iron Dragon, I rode Wicked Twister. This is another launched coaster. It has
FIVE launches. Three forward and two backward. It does not go upside down but
has two twisted spikes that you fly up at 72 mph. I also rode Blue Streak, the oldest
coaster in the park. It is a wooden coaster that opened in 1964. I wanted the maximum amount of airtime, so I decided to ride in the back. The ride operators barely pulled down the lap bars and did not even check my seatbelt. I went flying out of my seat! But having said that, sitting over the wheels on a 55-year old wood coaster was bumpy and kind of hurt. But I barely waited for it, so it’s all good. I did two haunted houses, HEXED and FREAK SHOW. I think Freak Show was my favorite. In Hexed, they give you a black light flashlight to shine. But not everyone gets one. It’s one of every couple of people that get one. Since I was on my own, I got the light both times. I have to say, both houses were VERY well done! Freak Show was themed to, well, a freak show. The actors were very
professional and very convincing. I waited about a half hour for that one. Hexed had ZERO line when I went in, probably because it was broad daylight. I do have to admit, it was kind of bizarre going into a dark haunted house and coming out of it when it is still daytime. I also rode MaXair, the swinging ride. This ride goes 65 miles per hour and
swings at a 70-degree angle 165 feet in the air. That was wild! But that wasn’t even my favorite non-coaster at the park. My favorite ride that wasn’t a roller coaster was…ready for this?…a carousel-type ride called Cedar Downs Racing Derby. It isn’t a typical carousel ride, though. It goes 15 mph and the horses “race” during the ride. There are no restraints. No seatbelts, no lap bars, no nothing. All you have is a bar in front of you to hold on to. I also rode Top Thrill Dragster. Dragster is 420 feet tall, 2,800 feet long, and launches you at 120 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. The ride is only 17 seconds long, but it is so fast and so intense that I think if it were any longer, it might be “too” intense. That was the last ride I did at Cedar Point. It kept breaking down so I waited roughly 2 hours for it. That includes breaking down 3 times while I was in line. We packed up and left around 8am on Monday and started our trip home. We had lunch at Isaac’s in York, Pennsylvania and drove home after. Again there was very little traffic, so that was nice. We got home around 3pm. I was tired and my legs are still like jelly to this day. It was SO worth it though! I had an awesome weekend and I want to thank my parents and godparents for going with me! Feel free to comment if you have been to Cedar Point or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Or if you have ever been on a fun road trip, comment. Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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