I think there are a multitude of things we need to reconsider. Please note these are my opinions and mine alone. So if you do not agree with me, that’s ok. I am not here to argue with you; merely share my opinions.

The first thing I know is going to spark some controversy. I think we should reconsider taking religion seriously. In my opinion, I think religion tears people apart. I have to wonder if the world would be slightly better off without religion. I know there are people out there who wanna kill me right now…but at least try to hear me out. Stereotypically and somewhat historically, people of different religious beliefs hate each other. Romans waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, back in Ancient Rome, hated people who were subversive to their own religious and political beliefs. Of course, nowadays we have Donald Trump to uphold this. But Jews have always been seen as almost the butt of religion jokes. Early Christians, again, were persecuted by the Romans for believing in one God. Listen, I know religion is important to so many people in so many cultures but I do not think it should be force-fed down other peoples’ throats.

Another thing I know is going to be controversial, and more than likely make all my male readers cringe, is circumcision. If there is a male reader who didn’t get uncomfortable reading that, I applaud you. Yes, I know it is important to some religions and can be a cultural rite of passage, and I am semi-ok with that. I am not here to knock your beliefs. I merely think we need to maybe rethink making this the “norm” in the United States. Most males have it done it birth simply because it is the “normal” thing to do. Anatomically, there is nothing wrong with them. But parents just think it’d look better or whatever. I think this bullshit madness needs to stop. It is unnecessary and painful to go through…and I know that because I speak from personal experience. Now if it’s needed for a medical emergency, I get that. Jews do it as a Covenant with God. While I do not entirely agree with this, I am not speaking out against it.

Tattoos are the last thing I want to cover. I know this sounds hypocritical of me to say, seeing as I have multiple tattoos. But all my tattoos actually have meaning. I have never gotten a tattoo just because. All my tattoos have been thought out. And they aren’t offensive. If you have a tattoo of, say, a Swastika or something like that because you think it looks “cool” then I’m sorry. I have little to no respect for you. I have tattoos that look cool, sure, but they all have meaning. A skull and crossbones might seem like a cool idea now, but remember: skin sags with age. That skull and crossbones will probably turn into a frowny skull with white blobs. That cute rose is gonna be wilted. That dolphin will be a whale. So if you wanna get a tattoo, just consider the future.

So that’s it from me. What do you think of these points and topics? If you want to kill me, just do it in the comments section and not in person. Thanks for reading and sorry if I pissed you off.


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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