Hi all! I am EXTREMELY excited right now! I just found out one of my all-time absolute favorite TV shows from my youth is returning in 2020. The show in question? The one, the only…wacky, zany, cockamamie ANIMANIACS! As a kid, I loved the show because of the goofy voices done by Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen, and Jess Harnell. Now that I am older, I can really appreciate the satirical humor in the show. Like, for a kids’ show, this was actually pretty out there. It was educational but poked fun at current affairs and events. It almost makes me wish I was born in a different time period and older so I could get it when it aired.

The songs in the show are catchy as Hell as well as informative and educational. I mean, look at the Presidents Song as an example. It covered every single President up to Bill Clinton, the then-current President. Actually, truth be told, in High School we had a United States geography test. All the others students were cramming and studying their asses off by taking notes and looking in a textbook. Me? I prepared by listening to the US State Capitols song over and over again…and passed the test with flying colors! I LOVE THE SONGS! I mean, the Animaniacs theme song is iconic to kids from the 1990s.

Also the fact they poke fun at things in an irreverent manner is just funny! Wakko’s voice was actually inspired by Ringo Starr. And who could forget the famous “HELLO NURSE!”? Not me! Also the fact that Stephen Spielberg is the one who came up with the idea is, to me, pure brilliance!

So I am VERY excited to hear this beloved show from my youth is making a comeback. I have some questions, though. One: will it be the original voice actors? I hope so because I think the voices of Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner are just so iconic in a cartoon regard. Also will it be the same style of humor or will it be “toned down” for the more PC audience? I hope it is the same style of humor because I think people could use a laugh in an irreverent way like old times. I’d love to see them redo the Presidents Songs with Obama, Bush Jr. and Trump. Oh, dear God…PLEASE LET THEM SAY SOMETHING ABOUT TRUMP! In the Presidents Song, if you remember, they poked fun at the Presidents. “Ulysses Simpson Grant who would scream and rave and rant…while drinking whiskey ‘cause he spilled it on his pants” is an example of this. Also they warn people about being President or famous at all with their last line. The line is, “The next President to lead the way? It might just be yourself one day. Then the press with distort everything you say…so jump in your plane and fly away.” It’s funny and true.

Of course, it’s all in good taste. The humor in Animaniacs is almost a playful middle finger to some events and individuals. I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to this! Feel free to comment on this and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and “Goodnight everybody!”


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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