It is hard to pin down one song that resonates with me. There are quite a few songs that mean a lot to me. One is Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. Why does that particular Pink Floyd song hit home with me? Well it reminds me of the people I know that have passed on. Plus, driving home from visiting my grandfather’s grave one time a few years ago, this song came on the radio and it just hit me. “I’ll never see him again.”

Another song I relate to or listen to when I am bummed out is Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. The chorus “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing because every little thing gonna be alright” gives me relief and hope. It helps me realize that shit happens every day, but in the end it’ll be ok. This is what I listen to when I need reassuring.

One more song that means so much to me is Danny Boy. Danny Boy was my grandfather’s favorite song. So much so that my cousin actually sang it at my grandfather’s funeral. I have always loved that song anyway. It is such a hauntingly beautiful Irish song that always reminds me of my roots and of my grandfather. It is such a popular Irish song that even the Muppets did a version of it.
I think music has the power of doing something that nothing else can. It can evoke so many emotions from so many people in so many ways. One song someone likes, the next person might find it annoying. No matter what the genre, this is always the case. Me personally? I don’t like rap, r&b, country, or hip hop. The only exception to that I will make is Johnny Cash.

I think there is barely any, if any, music that appeals to everyone. I said barely any because there is maybe possibly one exception to that: The Beatles. The Beatles, in my opinion, transcend the genre and realm of just music. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are just on a whole ‘nother plain. I mean, Lennon’s lyrics are timeless. This includes work with the Beatles and solo. Imagine is an anthem of sorts. So is Give Peace A Chance. For God’s sake, Give Peace A Chance was used as an anti-war mantra during Vietnam in Washington.

Paul McCartney…I mean, he has so many songs. Whether it be himself as a “solo” artist, a Beatle, or with Wings. Yesterday, Hey Jude, Band on the Run, Let Me Roll It…all great songs penned and sung by Sir Paul.

Same goes for George Harrison. While My Guitar Gently Weeps, My Sweet Lord, Something…all these songs are legendary. Then of course,

Ringo Starr has Yellow Submarine, Don’t Pass Me By, With A Little Help from My Friends, Photograph, and It Don’t Come Easy. All great songs, as well. I mean Yellow Submarine…come on. If you don’t know at least the chorus to that song you live under a rock. You know the song. Love it or hate it, you know the damn song.

I think music is almost magical. It can bring you elation or pure sadness. Not many other things can do something like that. A good musician can make an entire room or arena feel like they are talking to you alone. It could be tens of thousands of people there, but the musician makes it seem like they are talking to you personally. That to me is amazing.

So that’s my perspective on music and what songs mean a lot to me. What songs appeal to you? Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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