Yesterday, August 11, 2019, I went to Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, MD with my Aunt. I am about to give my honest thoughts on the park right here, right now.

Six Flags America is kind of on the low end of the Six Flags chain according to amusement park enthusiasts. While I see this as a jab at my home state, part of me can sort of see where they are coming from. See, SFA is in a predominantly African-American area. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it can get a little iffy at night. A lot of the people who come to the park later in the day, black or white, can get rambunctious. I witnessed line cutting and smoking in line for some of the rides.

Now it’s not all bad. Six Flags America does have some very good rides and roller coasters. Probably my favorite coaster at Six Flags America is Superman: Ride of Steel. The ride is 197 feet tall and has a 205 foot drop. I first rode this ride in the very back seat simply because there was no line. OH MY DEAR SWEET LORD! Airtime galore! It was probably my favorite spot on the ride. I got several rides in on Superman throughout the course of my day. I rode in the front, middle, and back rows no less than 5 times total. Superman is an absolutely phenomenal ride! How did I get the chance to ride it so many times if it is the most popular ride in the park? Well…the park was pretty empty. That plus the ride broke down for awhile and I was the only one in line while they cycled empty trains.

My favorite non-coaster in the park was the swing ride, Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth. The ride is 243 feet tall, but the swings do not go all the way to the top. There is probably a good 15-20 feet above you when you get to the top. It is supposed to be a “thrill ride” but I found it to be pretty relaxing. You get some amazing views up that high! I had a GoPro Dorney with a chest harness on and they would not let me take it on the ride.

Actually, this was a common theme for the day. The park let me film the rides with a handheld camera and even my cell phone that could have easily flown out of my hand but are not ok with something that is secure and will not fly off. Where’s the logic there? There were a few exceptions, but I had to actually physically hold my harness in my hand on rides. Another projectile threat they didn’t seem to care about.

I got two rides in on Joker’s Jinx, a launched roller coaster that goes upside down four times and shoots you out at 60 mph. I rode this in the front row both times. It is a little jerky, but not too bad. I love this ride and make a point of getting on it every time I go to the park. Joker’s Jinx was my first ever launched roller coaster, so I have a little bit of a soft spot for this ride.

The one ride I am amazed is still relatively smooth is the wooden roller coaster, Wild One. Wild One originally opened in Massachusetts in 1917. It was moved to Maryland in 1985. Look, I suck at math, but even I know 1917-2019 is over 100 years of operating. The Wild One is one of the oldest operating roller coasters in the world. I rode it in the front row earlier in the day and actually found it to be fairly smooth for its age. Yes, it was a little bumpy, but I rode another wooden coaster later in the day that honestly was rougher than Wild One.

Roar was the other wooden roller coaster in the park. Roar was built in 1996 and is probably one of the bumpiest coasters I have ever been on. I rode it in the back row and BOY DID IT JERK ME AROUND! Roar is a kind of ride I can only do once per visit.

It got hotter as the day went on so my Aunt and I rode the splashdown boat ride, Shipwreck Falls. I rode in the front and got drenched! It was a good way to cool off on a hot day. Actually, this ride surprised me. I had gotten on a similar ride at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania a week and a half ago. That entire ride involved getting drenched. In Six Flags’ case, it’s actually a dry ride until you hit the water. I will say, after that splash on Shipwreck Falls, all Hell breaks loose. I got soaked through on that ride!

Another roller coaster I did was the flying coaster, Batwing. On Batwing, you lay in a “flying” position, meaning you are facing the ground the whole ride. I actually like the ride. I think it is unique, fun, and intense. My Aunt on the other hand? She hated it! She felt concerned that she would fall out and die. Of course, you’re completely safe but it’s that feeling of “Oh my God! I’m gonna fall out!” that scared my Aunt.

One ride I immediately regretted doing was Mind Eraser. Mind Eraser is a Suspended Looping Coaster, or SLC. SLC’s have the nickname “Hang and Bang” and boy were the coaster enthusiasts. Boy is that name well deserved! That ride beat the Hell out of me! As soon as we left the lift hill, my head was banging around so much that I had to take a break from rides for a few minutes.

One other coaster I did was Ragin’ Cajun. Ragin’ Cajun is a Wild Mouse coaster. What that means is that it is not that tall or that fast, but has a lot of tight turns that make you feel like you are gonna fly off the track. Once again, you are completely safe as the cars are locked onto the track and cannot go anywhere. One little difference with this model of the ride: It spins. And when I say “spins” I don’t mean “slowly rotates”. I mean this thing FREAKING SPINS! I do not get dizzy easily and even I was left disoriented after the ride.

One ride I used to be afraid of but got over thanks to Disney was Voodoo Drop. Voodoo Drop is a ride that lifts you up 140 feet. From that 140 feet you plummet back to the ground like a stone. It’s quick but very effective.

I took a little break from rides to see a stunt show. The show was about 20 minutes long and had fire, good stunts, and giant crab claws. I am not kidding! The show is about a post-apocalyptic future Maryland where people form tribes against each other to fight over water and, for some reason, giant crabs. The show, at the least, was entertaining.

I usually like to stay at amusement parks until they close, but by 5:30 my Aunt and I were done. Plus, as I said, the park was starting to get a little iffy. We drove back to my Aunt’s house and I slept over there before coming home this morning.

So that’s my take on my trip to Six Flags America. Have you ever been there or want to go? Let me know what you think in the comment below. Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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