I like to think that the role of mentor works two ways in my case. I have one person I see as a “mentor” to me when it comes to Autism. That person is my boss at my job. She is so in-tune with the diagnosis but does not pretend to understand it fully. I like to think I am a mentor of sorts to medical staff and students whenever I present. They might not know how to properly handle people with Autism. So in that sense, I am in charge and teaching them. My boss and I communicate with each other unlike any other employer I have ever had. I think the role is double-sided. I impact others and they, in turn, impact me. That, to me, is a pretty cool concept and a pretty sweet deal! I have plenty of other people that I see as colleagues, but when it comes to someone I look up to, it has to be my boss. A person I’d call a partner and companion outside of work is my girlfriend, Allie. I have learned so much about how Autism impacts other people through Allie, as well as learning new stuff about myself. Allie might not be a quote, unquote “mentor” but she is my partner, companion, advocate, and love of my life. So to Allie, thank you! I like to think if I can educate just one person and change their perspective on Autism, I am a mentor. If I can educate multiple people and change their attitudes toward Autism or how to go about handling it, I am a success. Stick to what you know. I love the fact people see me as almost an “icon” or posterchild for Autism in Baltimore. (Watch out, Temple Grandin…I’m coming for ya!) I wear that as a badge of honor and do not take my position lightly or for granted. I am a beacon of hope almost and I love it! So who do you view as a mentor to you and why? Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

One thought on “MENTOR ROLES”

  1. I love you too hon!❤️ You are my life partner! My mentors are my mom and my G-D Mother. They always want what is best for me and they always teach me to going and to never give up on my dreams.


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