I love to travel. That’s no secret. One of my favorite ways to travel is via
road trip. I have taken some amazing trips in my life, but today I will be narrowing
it down to the most memorable road trips I have ever taken in my life. I am
limiting it to the three that stand out most to me. The first one was from my home
in Baltimore to Cleveland, Ohio back in 2016. It was originally just going to be
from Baltimore to Sandusky, Ohio. I wanted to go to Cedar Point. I absolutely
LOVE roller coasters, and Cedar Point is known as America’s Roller Coast. They
have an astounding EIGHTEEN roller coasters! Many of them are first of their
kind or record-breakers. Weirdly enough, my favorite coaster at Cedar Point
wasn’t the tallest and fastest in the park. My personal favorite ride there was a
suspended family roller coaster called Iron Dragon. Sure, it’s only 70 feet tall and
only goes 40 mph (most roads allow you to drive faster than that). But I think the
reason I like this ride so much is simply because of the “fun” element. The ride
isn’t really tall or super-fast…it’s just purely fun. “So Tom, what makes the Iron
Dragon so fun?” you might ask. Well the cars are suspended below the track and
the cars swing and sway around turns. That plus it’s a very visually attractive
coaster. It goes over a lake and is reflected in the water. So the feeling of swaying
and rocking above water alone is fun. Keep in mind, when I visited, Steel
Vengeance was not open yet, so I got to ride Mean Streak one last time before it
was converted. But my second favorite roller coaster there, and maybe one of my
all-time favorite roller coasters period, was Millennium Force. Millennium Force
was the first roller coaster to ever go over 300 feet. The ride is 310 feet tall with a
300 foot drop. That drop is AMAZING! It feels like it never ends! Actually, the
whole ride is like that. It’s over 6,000 feet long and goes up to 93 mph. So in other
words, it’s really fast and SUPER long! Everyone seems to love this ride! Even my
mom liked it! I mentioned Cleveland. We made a pit stop at the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame before we got to Cedar Point. As a music aficionado, this place was a
kind of mecca for me. Seeing all the music memorabilia from The Beatles, Pink
Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and even more modern groups like Nirvana and Beastie Boys
was unreal! Pink Floyd had their own section dedicated to the Wall album,
complete with the original puppets used during the stage shows. That was surreal
to see. We stayed three days in Ohio on Cedar Point’s property, and it was
absolutely worth it! I would love to go back again!

The second road trip I want to talk about was a trip I took with my mom and
sister from Las Vegas, Nevada to San Clemente in Southern California. We drove
for 5 hours through almost nothing but desert…the Mojave Desert to be exact. This
may seem boring to some, but I loved it! It was really neat to be driving through
nothingness and not see another car for miles and miles. Every 50 miles or so,
there’d be a truck roll-off ramp and the occasional gas station. But it wasn’t like
Exxon or a brand name station like that. When we got to San Clemente, we stayed
with my Aunt and Uncle for a few days. That was a trip in and of itself. But the trip
through the Mojave Desert was a trip I won’t soon forget!

The last trip I want to discuss is one I took in October of 2018. My
godparents and I drove from Baltimore to West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, just outside
of Pittsburgh. My God was that a busy day! Let me elaborate. We drove to
Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA and stayed there for a few hours. That was during the
day. By night, we did Phantom Fright Nights at Kennywood in West Mifflin.
Fallingwater is an architectural marvel by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a multi-level,
staggered house that sits above the water. It really is an impressive sight!
Kennywood is an amusement park from the 1800s that had been on my amusement
park bucket list for years before I went in 2018. We went at night when it was
dark, so I did not get to see the park by day. Also it was close to Halloween so
everything had people jumping out and scaring you. They got my godmother
GOOD! Probably the best ride there was Phantom’s Revenge. This ride is world-
famous for its history and just how insane it is! And let me tell you…it totally lives
up to its hype! Especially riding it at 10pm when it’s pitch black out? It was nerve-
wracking flying at 80 mph and not being able to see where you are going! So the
next morning, we went to Church in Western Maryland. It’s a miracle I didn’t
burst into flames when I walked in, but that’s beside the point. My godfather and I
were kind of trying not to laugh through the service. The Priest looked and
sounded exactly like Denzel Washington! Also we drove through the mountains
and the fog was all the way down to the hood of the car. That was crazy to see!

So those are the three most memorable road trips I have ever taken, apart
from the trip we took in February to welcome my cousin home from Afghanistan.
But I think I have already covered that in another post. If not, I’ll get to it next
time. Ah, what the Hell? I will do it now. My godparents, my cousin, my parents
and I drove from Baltimore to Clarksville, Tennessee in February of 2019. My
cousin was coming home from Afghanistan. We left at around 6 or 7pm and drove
all night to Tennessee…straight through, too. Truth be told, it really didn’t seem
like that long of a drive. It took 13 hours to get there, but my family alternated
driving. I don’t know how to drive, so I was able to relax and sleep. Might I
mention it was absolutely freezing in Tennessee? We took a daytrip to Nashville
one of the days we were there. I am not the world’s biggest country music fan, but
it was cool to see the city where it “originated”. I saw the Grand Ole Opry which
was really neat! It’s historic, so I felt I had to see it. I did the Nashville Zoo in the
rain. Not just a sprinkle…like it FREAKING POURED while I was there! It’s
amazing I didn’t catch hypothermia. But the best part of the Nashville Zoo, to me,
was the kangaroo exhibit. You could go up free of charge and pet a kangaroo! It
was incredible being able to interact with these awesome animals! Clarksville was
also the first time I’d ever stayed at an Air BNB. It was a pretty cool experience!

OK. Now I’m done talking about the best road trips I have ever been on. I
excluded the trip I took recently to Niagara Falls, Canada since I already covered

that. So I want to hear from you. Do you like to travel and take road trips? What
were your most memorable trips or vacations? Thanks for reading!

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend


  1. I love to travel! One of the most memorable road trips was to Virginia last summer. I met a new intern at Historic Jamestown. She let me hold a cannonball and a small part of a pipe from the 1600’s or 1700’s. The trip back in February to meet my nephew Ashton! I had a great time with my little guy! I am excited about the trip this year on Amtrak from Chicago to California! I am excited about what I will see and experience.


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