Today I want to talk about the newest Whalen…my little 8 week old kitten, Tigger. OH MY GOD! Tigger is SO FREAKING CUTE! I officially adopted him on Monday, June 10. Tigger actually wasn’t my original pick, nor was it his original name. Let me start from the beginning.

I texted my mom a video of a black and white cat in Baltimore pawing at his cage to me. I think that swayed my mom into letting me get a kitty. Before we adopted, we went to Canada. I had looked at kittens online and actually went to meet a cat named Wasabi. Cue Tigger, aka Noodle. Wasabi was a black kitten with a white stripe down his face. He was cute, but sort of stand-offish. Noodle, on the other hand? He ran right up to me, jumped into my arms, and started purring. I was sold!

So flash forward to Monday, June 10. We drove from Niagara Falls, Canada to Baltimore to pick Noodle up. We decided in the car on the ride home to rename him Tigger. I am so happy I chose Tigger as my little kitten! Or rather, I am so happy he chose me. Tigger is officially my cat, as my mom said he is an early birthday gift. This little fluffball is so affectionate! I am SO in love with this little guy!

The first night I had him, he “slept” in my room. I put the word slept in quotation marks because he spent most of the night pacing on my bed and side tables. So last night, I put Tigger in my room because I hated the idea of a new kitten sleeping alone. This time, he slept on my bed. Now when I say he slept in my bed, I don’t mean he was at the foot of my bed; I don’t mean he slept next to the bed…no. He literally curled up in a ball and fell asleep in my arms. He stayed that way until about 4:30 this morning when he woke up and was being active as anything.

Tigger is so cute and his favorite thing to do is snuggle up next to me or in my arms and purr. My little guy is still a little skittish and runs whenever you try to pick him up or get near him. But once you pick him up, he’s like a fluffy little ball of putty in your hands. He is so cuddly! Oh my God!

I always viewed myself as a dog person. I liked cats but always preferred dogs…until little Tigger came along. This little 8 week old orange kitten might have changed my mind. I love my 11 year old dog, Dixie more than anything but Tigger is…there’s just something about him I can’t explain. I feel like a proud parent. I love my little boy so much!

Speaking of my dog Dixie, my mom and I went to introduce Tigger to Dixie yesterday. Dixie actually grew up with a cat, so she was fine and actually licked Tigger at one point. Little Tigger on the other hand…? Not so much. He hissed at Dixie and even took a swipe at her at one point. Poor doggy.

But even when Tigger hisses, it is absolutely adorable! His meows and hisses are so high-pitched and squeaky. It’s the cutest thing ever! He is my little boy. It might seem like I am shoving how much I am in love with this little kitty, and maybe I am, but this little guy changed my life and outlook. I attached pictures of Tigger so you can see how cute he is!

So that’s it from me. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Have you ever fallen in love with a little animal? If so what was it? Thanks for reading!



Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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