It’s that time again. Time for another concert review. Last night, May 4, 2019 (May the 4th be with you!) I had the pleasure of seeing possibly my favorite Pink Floyd cover band, Several Species. I LOVE THIS BAND! They always put on a great show, and last night was no exception. I saw them at Union Stage in Washington, DC. Let me just start off by saying: SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE ABOUT THE PARKING SITUATION! My God! It took us FIVE TRIES around the whole damn garage before we found a spot! So we get into the venue, and this place is TINY! Maximum occupancy of 450. That’s CRAZY SMALL! Several Species are a local band from Baltimore, and I think that’s why I love them so much. I support local talent. So the show was supposed to start at 8pm. The band came on around 8:15. They opened with ECHOES, which was a good start. From there, they went into HAVE A CIGAR from the Wish You Were Here album. Now at this point, I will say that the new singer for Several Species, Tim…he’s a good singer, but I do not think he has the enthusiasm of the old singer, Marc. Marc really got into character and hit every note flawlessly! But he quit the band in 2017 due to health issues. So Tim is a good replacement, but I do think he needs maybe a little more “stage presence”. Like, Marc knew how to work a crowd. Tim, while a nice guy, just kind of stands there and sings. He has gotten better since he first started in 2018, but still…

So after Have a Cigar, the band went into stuff from The Wall. They first played HEY YOU, followed by IN THE FLESH, THIN ICE, ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL PARTS 1-3, and MOTHER. I will say I am sort of disappointed with how they are doing Another Brick Part 3 nowadays. During the chorus (“HEY! TEACHER! LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE!”) Marc would let the audience take over, even going as far as handing people the microphone. Now it’s just a track.

They also played FEARLESS and ON THE TURNING AWAY as one song, which was pretty cool. One song they played I could take or leave was SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND PARTS I-V. It’s a good song, but has never really been one of my favorites. However, after that came my favorite Pink Floyd song, PIGS (THREE DIFFERENT ONES). It’s at this point in the show that the giant inflatable pig, affectionately known as Arnold, flies over the crowd. Problem was, the pig was too damn big for the venue! So no Arnold the Pig this time. Also missing from the show were the lasers that the band uses, so I don’t know what happened there… After Pigs, the band took an intermission. Tim was out talking to people, so I got a photo with him.

After the intermission, Several Species played DARK SIDE OF THE MOON in its entirety. I love this album! It’s so cool and almost futuristic with its content. I think the highlight of last night’s show was GREAT GIG IN THE SKY. Holly Brogunier just blows my mind every time she steps up to the mic to do this song and last night was no different!

So after Dark Side, the band came out for an encore. The encore was ONE OF THESE DAYS, with bass player Dave DeMarco on demonic lead vocals. Dave is one Hell of a bass player! And he keeps busy. He is in Several Species, has his own band (Dave DeMarco Band), AND Crack the Sky! Talk about variety! So after One of These Days, they played the crowd favorites, WISH YOU WERE HERE and COMFORTABLY NUMB. Of course, both of these turned into giant singalongs. I mean, you can’t help singing along to these great songs! You just can’t. They are so well known that I am sure someone who has never heard of Pink Floyd knows these songs, or at least knows of them. The last song of the night was RUN LIKE HELL from The Wall. It was a great song to end a fun night!

So while last night, for me, was a little underwhelming, the music was great! These guys are competent musicians who just genuinely love their fan base and great, timeless music. So Several Species, if you are reading this: Great job, as always and I will see you on the Dark Side of the Moon! And Trifecta later this year.

There was no merchandise for sale last night, but I gotta tell ya, I made out like a bandit with the show! I got a set list, a glow stick the drummer used for the opening of TIME, a poster and TWO drum sticks! Talk about lucky! I love this band so much! So that’s it from me. I’ll catch ya later and, per usual, feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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