Last night, May 2, 2019, I saw Brit Floyd downtown in Baltimore at the Lyric Opera House. As you may have guessed, Brit Floyd is a Pink Floyd cover band. Let me just start off by saying: HOLY SHIT! THIS BAND IS AMAZING! The famous Pink Floyd album, The Wall, turned 40 this year so the band was celebrating its anniversary. Needless to say, they played A LOT of stuff from The Wall. Of course, Comfortably Numb was included. I think the band knows what fans want to hear and my God do they freaking DELIVER! Ian Cattell, the bass player and lead vocalist on most songs, sounds EXACTLY like Roger Waters. Like, it’s actually scary how good he is! And his dedication to getting into character is unreal! Ian embodies Pink, the tortured, strung-out rock star from the Wall album. Funnily enough, Ian isn’t British, although my mom says he looks it. He’s actually from Upstate New York. Listening to him sing, though, you wouldn’t know it. The show was supposed to start at 8pm. I expected them to be a few minutes late coming out, but I was amazed that they came on at 7:55pm. With the exception of one 20 minute intermission, they played from 7:55pm to 11:05pm. I’ve seen Roger Waters, the founding member of Pink Floyd, and his shows don’t even last that long! They opened up with In the Flesh and played all Wall songs from that to Mother. They didn’t just do Wall stuff, though, which I was very happy about. They also did a lot of stuff from Dark Side of the Moon. The girl who sang Great Gig In The Sky just completely blew it out of the water! I have chills just thinking about it. One song I was a little disappointed they omitted was from the Animals album. Probably my favorite Pink Floyd song is from that album. It’s Pigs (Three Different Ones). But they did play Sheep, also from Animals. So that was ok. They also played some lesser-known Floyd songs like Keep Talking, Round and Around, and Yet Another Movie. Wish You Were Here is always an audience favorite and, naturally, everyone sang along with it. Comfortably Numb was the last song they played before the encore. I’ll get to the encore in a minute, but let me just talk about Comfortably Numb for a sec. This version was THE BEST cover of ANY song I have ever heard! AND they acted it out too! Ian had on a doctor’s jacket and another band member was acting like he was passed out on drugs and booze. It was REALLY cool! And that disco ball they had going during the famous final guitar solo for the song…I’m not gonna lie. I was tearing up. Then came the encore…THIS, my friends, is how you do an encore! They played the ENTIRE ALBUM from Comfortably Numb to Outside the Wall. That sequence during The Trial? I mean, you believe Ian when he laments about being crazy. And that “”NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” scream he does when everyone is chanting “TEAR DOWN THE WALL!”? Surreal! They did a meet-and-greet after the show and I got the band’s autographs and a photo with Ian. He was really down to Earth and a great guy to talk to! So would I recommend seeing Brit Floyd? HELL YEAH! I have seen the FIVE times over the past few years and they never cease to amaze! So that’s it from me. What do you think of cover bands? Thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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