I have no earthly idea what causes Autism, if anything, but I think the list of stuff that people have come up with in recent years are pure bullshit. Take one of the most bizarre arguments I have ever heard: “Circumcision is a cause for Autism”. Sadly, yes that is a legitimate argumentative theory. However, I would like to counter that argument by saying that no it is not. I can disprove that theory by using myself as an example. I was diagnosed with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome when I was seven years old and uncircumcised. So…where is the logic now? And if that were the case, what about the women in America that have an Autism diagnosis like my girlfriend? She isn’t circumcised and she has an Autism diagnosis. And if that were actually the case, wouldn’t all Jewish men in the world and most American men have a diagnosis? Granted, Autism is more prevalent in males than in females, but genital mutilation has nothing to do with it.

Moving on before people get too uncomfortable…I’d like to discuss the most popular theory. Vaccines cause Autism. This is complete and utter bullshit. It has been disproven time and time and time again and people still buy into the hype and fear. The “doctor” who pitched this idea has been discredited and has lost his practicing license for fraud and people still play right into his unlicensed hands! And I hate peoples’ logic for not vaccinating their kids for fear it might make them Autistic. “A dead child is better than an Autistic child”. Maybe not verbatim, but in essence, that’s what they are saying. You can learn to cope with having a child who has Autism. You can’t replace an innocent person’s life, though…especially when it comes to something that cannot be helped.

Genetics is probably the “cause” I can get behind the most. But even this is questionable to me. Nobody else in my family has Autism. I am the “odd man out” in that instance. But I do not let my diagnosis get in the way of my daily life. My dad is weird, sure, but he was never diagnosed. Actually, most of the people on my grandfather’s side (my dad’s dad) are crazy and nuts when we are together. Maybe it’s just who we are as a family and how we function. Still, it’s not entire discredited by me…yet.

I think people only think about the negative aspects of Autism when they get the diagnosis. “Oh my God! How will they function in everyday society?”/“What can we do?”/ “Oh God! He/she’s going to be with us forever and we will always have to look after them!” First off…Autism is not a death sentence. There is nothing the parents did wrong to “deserve” an Autistic child and there is nothing you can do about it except cope, deal, and love them just the same. I am the oldest of three siblings. It’s me and my two sisters, who live independently in Philadelphia. And yeah, I am often seen as “extra care” but does it mean my parents love me anymore or any less than my sisters? No, of course not. My parents do not play the “favorites” card. They love all their kids the same and that’s the way it should be done. And as for “always having to look out for an Autistic child”…isn’t that a parent’s job and responsibility anyway?

I know there are some “cure” theories out there, but I will tackle them in depth another time, seeing as I have already written posts about some of these in the past. You can read about them on my blogsite.
People are scared by what they do not understand. Autism is a prime example of this. Neurotypical people do not understand the greater aspects or the little nuances of having Autism that make it amazing. At least, that’s my case. I have a great and unique outlook on life. I think differently and that has led to some incredible opportunities and chances that the average, undiagnosed “normal” person would not get.

I am somewhat famous and well-known in the Baltimore area simply because of my Autism and my viewpoint on things and ways of life. I am happy and comfortable with who I am and what I have become. And I am damn proud of my Autism diagnosis and what it has brought me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds! I would love to hear from neurotypical or “normal” people who are reading this and hear their POV on these topics, but I am welcoming everyone to comment. Thanks for reading and I will catch you guys soon!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend


  1. I totally agree with you hon! Neurotypical people don’t get us. There was yet another study that came out over the last couple of weeks that shows Vaccines don’t cause Autism. The other studies showing possible links to Autism I won’t buy in to since we don’t know what causes Autism. I don’t care what caused my Autism. It has given me opportunities I wouldn’t of had otherwise. I totally embrace my Autism!


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