One movie quote I take inspiration from is from a movie called The Crow. There is a scene in the movie where Eric Draven, tells his friend “It can’t rain all the time”. I take that quote to heart. I know that some days are “rainy”…and I am talking figuratively not literally. I know I am going to have some days where I feel like complete and utter shit. And I accept that. However, I also know I will have some sunny days. Some days will be better than others. I am convinced that “It can’t rain all the time” has a deeper meaning than how it is portrayed in the movie. In the movie, Eric’s friend Sarah is skateboarding in the rain. She says, “I wish the rain would stop just once!” Eric says, “It can’t rain all the time.” That’s a little too straightforward to me. Like, how cliché is it to say “It can’t rain all the time” if it is literally raining cats and dogs? What will they come up with next? “It can’t be beautiful all the time” when it’s sunny? I know that sounds a little harsh, but I think there is a deeper meaning. “You can’t enjoy a sunny day without some rainy days”. I know some days will be better, or “sunnier” than others. I like the fact that I can take something as literal as “It can’t rain all the time” when it is actually raining and turn it into something metaphorical. I am aware that it’s a plain-Jane statement that sounds simple, but I am making a connection that applies to life itself. I have been having some off days recently, but hearing that and thinking about it somehow cheers me up. I take comfort with that one little quote. The rest of the movie is great, too but that one quote is what I remember most about the film. I wanna hear what quotes or movie conversations are meaningful to you. Feel free to comment or write in and, as always, thanks!

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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