I think people are scared of things they do not understand or cannot comprehend. I know the title prompt says “choose one and write about it” but to me, it is damn near impossible to choose just one thing. I think people are scared of some animals and get the wrong impression of them. Take sharks for instance. People seem to think of sharks as mindless, evil killing, man-eating monsters. That’s not the case at all. How do I know this? Well because I went shark diving on Hawaii’s North Shore a few years ago. None of the sharks bothered us and, actually, for the most part…totally ignored us. Sharks are actually very intelligent and most times when someone gets bit, it is a case of mistaken identity or sheer stupidity on the person’s part. Snakes are another prime example of this same phobia. Yes, some snakes are legitimately dangerous to humans, but again if you don’t bother them, they usually won’t bother you. I have seen firsthand that people often have a complete misconception about things. Take a pet I used to have. I used to have a Bearded Dragon and she was the sweetest pet I have ever owned. My mom, for about a week after I got her, was freaked out by the Beardie. Well that is until I was in school one day and my lizard choked on a cricket. Since I wasn’t home, my mom had to pick up my Dragon and hold her and massage her belly. My mom immediately fell in love with her! So my mom had a complete 180 on my lizard. She thought it was a slimy, disgusting lizard at first, but she adored Gex from that day on. Spiders are another example. They may be weird and gross looking to some people, but since I am weird I find them fascinating. Spiders are actually very beneficial to the environment, as are snakes. They keep bugs and rodents under control. I think people in general are weirded out by things they do not have any information about. Autism I think may be another example. I feel there is not enough knowledge about Autism out there and people are scared shitless that their kids can “catch” it whether it be through vaccines or whatever they are jaded enough to believe. What bullshit! You cannot “catch” Autism. It is not a disease and you are not going to die from a diagnosis of Autism, ADD or ADHD. People are actually not getting their kids vaccinated because they are terrified their kids will be “retarded”. That’s sad to me and a sort of personal phobia to me. Kids are dying from diseases that are very easily treated all because the parents don’t want them to be “different”. WTF?! What’s the logic here? “Yeah, my kid died from a 100-year-old disease, but at least he’s not Autistic.” My personal phobia with this is that it will become even more of a mass hysteria across the world, kids will keep dying, and little by little, the world’s population will dwindle. I think anti-vaccine freaks are taking this a little too far. I think we may be causing our own extinction with all the hype we believe. And that goes for biases too. People in general are a little racist. Americans think of the Middle East as terrorists and people who need to be killed. There will always be people who have that mindset of, “God I hate black people/white people/Jews/Nazis/Arabs/Catholics/whatever”. That, I think, drives my point across that there will an apocalypse, but it will be more like a “Kill everyone” scenario, and not just zombies. And that scares me. So in closing, thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your comments! Thanks peeps!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

One thought on “MISCONCEPTIONS”

  1. I agree with the misconceptions about Autism. I hate that people aren’t vaccinating due to the kid maybe having Autism. I know you and me are proud to be different. Our Autism and ADHD makes us the unique people we are today!


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