In my opinion, it’s the little things that add up in your lifetime…at least, that’s the case for me. As such, all those moments where nothing seems to be happening or seem irrelevant are the ones that stick with me. An example of that was last Wednesday. Allie was over my house. We weren’t doing a damn thing! Just sitting, watching a movie…just enjoying each other’s company. Again, not doing anything. We just had our arms around each other’s shoulders, sitting together. It’s the little moments in life that mean the world to me. I embrace and cherish every “nothing” moment I have because I know it will mean something later down the line, even if they seem meaningless at the time. Sure, “big” moments come up in life…engagements, marriage, kids, et cetera. And I don’t wanna say they’re not important, because they are. But for me, it’s the small things. Talking is an example for me. Some people think small talk is unimportant but small talk, to me, is often deep and meaningful. I thank God my job involves me talking to people. Some people may consider their jobs dull or boring. For me though, it’s the total opposite. I talk to people to educate them and raise awareness. I pride myself on how social I am. Talking has gotten me far in life, and hopefully, things can only get better from here!

My life has been full of those little so-called “meaningless” or “nothing” moments and I would not change any of them for the world, positive or negative. I honestly think the negative “nothing” moments have hardened me and made me stronger. Take bullying for example. It may have happened 20 years ago, but the incidents of what was said or what happened still linger. It might not be the thing that caused the argument so much as the person, and vice-versa. Those little things or “Nothing” moments can, and have, led to incredible moments for people, including me.

Arguments are the same way. Fights over little things that seem trivial and unimportant are often the ones that stick with you. They can send you to bed angry, and, in some cases, if not resolved, the little “nothings” can lead to separation or divorce. People have a tendency to dwell or linger on things. I am like that. I know other people who are like that who linger on things. So it’s not just me. Think back to a breakup you had with an ex. Think of an argument you have had with your parents or siblings. See what I mean? Meaningless little things stick with you. Whether it be fights, conversation, or in my earlier example, not doing anything at all. Sure you may say “Well it wasn’t that big a deal” or “Yeah but it’s in the past”. Yes, it may be in the past and it may not necessarily be that big a deal, but it still sticks with you, doesn’t it?

I think those little things stick with you forever. At least, they will for me…at least the ones I can recall. I think whether positive or negative, those things that may seem boring, mundane, pointless, unimportant, whatever you wanna call them stick with you. I want to hear from my readers and hear what you have to say on this subject. Thanks!



Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

One thought on ““MUNDANE” MOMENTS”

  1. I loved sitting and cuddling with you while watching the movie last week. It was so nice to just sit and cuddle with you! You are my everything hon! I love you honey! ❤️


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