So today I am doing a post about music. I know I have done posts about music in the past, but this is gonna be a little different. I want to write about the “mystical healing power” effect that music can have on people. While it may seem self-centered and narcissistic me, I am going to focus on me and me only in this post–for the most part. I am going to focus on an experience I had three years ago in June of 2015. In late June, early July 2015, my arm was completely immobile thanks to an accident that left me with a broken arm. I like talking about this because to me, it’s therapeutic. I had a pacemaker installed in mid-June 2015. After coming home the next day, I was going to go out to see Jurassic World with my sister, Abbey. Well, as fate would have it, I got up too quickly. I was drugged up on opioids without a care in the world and got dizzy and light-headed. I passed out, landed on my elbow, and broke my arm. I landed directly on my funny bone and shattered it…and no it wasn’t “humerus”. It hurt like Holy fucking Hell! However, my sense of humor somehow miraculously remained intact.

Anyway, I had surgery on my left arm two days later and it was immobile in a splint and soft cast for about a week. Flash forward a few days later and I was sitting in our living room on the couch listening to The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” album. Here’s where the “healing power” part comes in. I was listening to the title track of the “Yellow Submarine” album and without any prompting or anything, my fingers suddenly started tapping on the table. It was amazing to me, seeing as just 15 minutes prior, my hand would not have moved even if I had tried to move it. Thanks to nerve damage, I could not move my hand before then.

My mom was home at the time and I yelled to her to come into the living room to witness this. While it may seem like a mere happy coincidence to the rest of you, I am absolutely 100% convinced it was the music that got my hand moving again.

Music is universal, especially timeless classic rock like The Beatles. No matter where you go in the world, I can almost guarantee at least one person knows the chorus to “Hey Jude” or “Yellow Submarine”. Music has this weird ability that not many other things in this world have…if anything else. It has the power and ability to cheer us up or bum us out; make us think of certain times in our lives; make us feel young or old; and, in my case, heal wounds. Whether those wounds be physical or mental, music can heal or destroy.

This may seem off-topic but I promise you it is pertinent. Metallica has a song called “Fade to Black”. This is a great song and one of my favorites, but it is about a man contemplating suicide and eventually does. This song has actually led to people taking their own lives holding the lyrics to this song. Whereas one of my favorite alternative rock/grunge bands, Pearl Jam, has a song called “Alive”. This song has actually led people to contemplating suicide to reconsider. The song apparently makes people realize that it’s going to be ok after all. So even these two examples prove my point about music stirring and evoking emotions in people and people interpreting  songs differently.

One more example of music stirring emotions in people is personal to me. My grandfather passed away this past March at the age of 93. Ironically, he died the day before Saint Patrick’s Day. My family is Irish…that’s why I say it’s ironic. Anyway, his favorite song was “Danny Boy” and was sung beautifully by my cousin in the Church. To this day, “Danny Boy” is my favorite Irish song but I tear up whenever I hear it because it makes me think of my grandfather.

But those are just my thoughts on the topic. I would love to hear other peoples’ take on this and see if their experiences confirm my theory about music’s healing ability or just shoot it down. As always, feel free to write in about your experiences and thanks for reading!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

2 thoughts on “HEALING MUSIC”

  1. The music from the Jewish singer Songwriter Debbie Friedman who does a couple years ago due to the medical condition she was born with makes me cheer up. Her music is uplifting and inspirational for me. It makes me feel like everything will be ok. I don’t know what it is about her music. It just speaks to me and really helps me on my toughest days.


  2. I feel the same way about Debbie Friedman who passed away from her medical condition she was born with a couple years ago. Her music is uplifting and inspirational to me. I don’t why her music helps me so much. Her music just speaks to me. 

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