I read an article and saw a video today that was absolutely horrifying. A 10 year old kid in Denton, Texas was pinned down and handcuffed by a school resource officer. Now, the article says he was “pinned”. I say he was essentially tackled. I have seen the video, which I have attached. Just a word of warning watching the video: It is VERY disturbing if you are sensitive. The boy, Thomas Brown, is moving around and screaming while the officer handcuffs him…very forcibly I might add.

According to the police, “Thomas was being disruptive and swinging a computer mouse near other students.” Thomas’ mom, Emily, put it perfectly. “He was scared. He’s got a lot of anxiety because the very people I told him to trust…he can’t.”

Here’s the messed up part: THE OFFICER IS NOT IN ANY TROUBLE! Like…WHAT THE HELL?! The family is going after the officer in court and the school in general. THANK GOD! They deserve some compensation. Even if they win the case, which I am hoping to Christ they do because this is just inhuman, Thomas will probably have emotional scarring and trauma for the rest of his life.

The following statement is from the Denton School System: “We have protocols in place to ensure the safety of all of our students. In this instance, the student resource officer (SRO) made the determination, after all other efforts to deescalate the situation proved ineffective, that the student was a detriment to his own safety and that of the other students and staff. As with any situation that involves an SRO handling a student, we will continue to review our practices and work with our partner law enforcement agencies – in this case the Denton Police Department – to ensure that established protocol is followed safely and effectively.” The City of Denton said, “a review found no violations to laws or policies. The decision to use restraints was made only when the child posed a serious threat to himself or others. Once the child was calm, the restraints were removed,”

I get you want to keep all students safe, but this is a little excessive. I mean, the kid was probably doing what was “normal” to him. It’s not like he had a gun or was swinging around a knife or anything. I think this is abusing your power as an officer. “Hmm…let’s see what I can do to mess with the retarded kid…” That may not have been the cop’s intention, but that’s what it came across as to me.  As of my publishing this, the officer still works at the school. Thomas is switching school in the fall of this year.

Best of luck at you new school, Thomas. Hopefully you get better-trained officers who know what they are doing.




I know this seems like a separate post in and of itself, but it seems kind of appropriate to add this. A few years ago, in 2016, I was asked by Pathfinders for Autism if I would be interested in attending a BE SAFE seminar on how to interact with police officers if you have a disability. This worked both ways. The Autistic person could see how to interact with the cops, and the cops could learn how to handle an Autistic person should they ever encounter one…which they more than likely will. I have attached a video of the culmination of that training, along with some photos. Not to toot my own horn, but as educational purposes…and the photos are kinda funny.


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie and closeup


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling

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