So there is a misconception about people on the Autism Spectrum…one I think is kinda a negative one. It’s a stereotype and/or misconception that people who are Autistic can’t or don’t understand humor or sarcasm. I know a few people this might hold true to or for, but me personally? I am bi-lingual. I speak two languages…American English and sarcasm. I do stand-up comedy occasionally and people are receptive to it.

I use my Autism as an outlet for comedy. I have Autism. Who gives a shit? What am I gonna do? Bitch and moan and go, “Why me?”/”Poor me”? OR am I going to have some fun with it? I will take the latter. My Autism, I feel, gives me a “funny” outlook on life. And I want to share that outlook on life with others. I want to give people a glimpse into what my world is like, and if that means raising awareness and telling my side of the story through jokes and belittling myself, so be it. I know the truth as to what I am like. I know I am not an idiot; that’s just a stage presence. Sarcasm is a little harder to decipher but I can still kinda get it. I use sarcasm all the time. It comes naturally to me.

All throughout my school years, and even today, I was seen as the “class clown”. I use humor at work with Pathfinders and the people I train LOVE IT! I think people appreciate when you can see the silver lining in things. I am almost always the eternal optimist. I can at least try to see the good in things. So I get humor and use it to my advantage. But again, as I have stated before, I cannot speak for the entire Autistic community and I am not vain enough to try to.

Humor is a funny thing, no pun intended. Some people get it and some don’t. Some find it funny; others find it insulting. Some people can sit through an entire Monty Python movie and not even smile. Others piss their pants, they are laughing so hard. I almost belong in that second group.

My friends and I tell jokes all the time. For me, humor is a sort of coping mechanism…and let’s face it, laughing at something you and a friend find mutually funny is a Hell of a lot better and healthier than smoking or doing drugs. I tell funny stories and my friends can see the humor in them. Some of my friends have lived it with me. Allie has been through Hell and back, as have I, and even though our lives should suck, we find something to laugh at together. Almost anything is better in a group setting…almost. Masturbation is the exception. (EW!) But if you have a funny story…at least in my case…you have to share it! Nothing is funny unless it is shared, common, and mutual.

So yes. It may be true that some people on the Spectrum don’t get humor, but I know people who aren’t on the Autism Spectrum who think I am just really annoying. And I call those people assholes. Autistic or not, you either get a joke or you don’t. It’s just that simple. I think the reason people who don’t find me as funny as say, Allie or my other friends, is because they are 1): Either not on the Spectrum, 2): haven’t lived the life we have lived, or 3): Are just really boring. If you agree or disagree with me, either way, write in. I welcome your opinions on this topic and misconception. Thanks!

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

One thought on “AUTISM AND HUMOR”

  1. Well said hon. We can always laugh at things together. It’s definitely a coping mechanism for us since we have been through so much.

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