Oh man…I know I gonna catch Hell for this post. (No pun intended). But I got to thinking today: it is said that we humans were made in God’s image. Yeah, that’s all well and good for “regular” or “normal” people but what about people who are on the Autism Spectrum? Are we made in God’s image as well? If so does that mean God is Autistic? Maybe that’s why the Earth spins. Maybe God is using the Earth as one big, giant Fidget Spinner. I mean, it kinda makes sense. If God does actually have Autism, maybe…just maybe…Autistic people have it better than I thought. Also if that is the case, what level of Autistic is God? Is He (or She) higher functioning like me or lower functioning like Timmy on South Park? Offensive as that sounds, it is the most fair comparison I can think of at this point. Look, maybe I am thinking too in-depth about this. Then again, maybe not. Now listen, I know religion is a sacred thing and means a lot to many, many people around the world–regardless of what religion you are–and that I will offend people with this…BUT this is me. This is my own weird, quirky, Autistic self and my way of thinking. Maybe I am overanalyzing this but I do tend to think differently. Am I thinking too literally? Or am I thinking logically? Am I going to Hell for thinking about this controversial topic in detail? Or will I be given a pass at the Pearly Gates? If I offend anyone, again, that is not my intention. Actually, I think I can prove God has Autism with one word: Platypus. LOOK AT IT! (Picture featured below). It’s either Autism or God just got bored with creating “normal” animals. (Again, a telltale sign of Autism). I know people take religion VERY seriously, and I respect that. But I was raised Catholic and I am questioning God’s deal. NOTE: I AM NOT QUESTIONING GOD’S EXISTANCE! I am just thinking about how I was raised. I was raised Catholic and was taught that we are all brothers and sisters that are made in God’s image. BUT I have to wonder: is Autism included in this equation? Or dismissed? I am, in my mind, thinking clearly and rationally. But I know that will offend people. Am I taking this too far? Or should I delve deeper? Either way, feel free to comment. If I end up getting crucified in the comments, that is ok. Thanks for reading! Peace and blessings!


Image result for platypus


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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