I had the opportunity to write about another controversial topic today. Here is what I decided on:



OK. Look, I am not one to say it is wrong to be “gay” or “straight” but I think it is a life choice. Controversial as it may sound, I do not believe anyone is “bi”. Either you’re gay or you aren’t. Just pick a side! I am straight. I have never had an “encounter” with another guy, minus maybe a bro hug. I can’t really understand how you can be attracted to the same sex…and have sex. Maybe it is due to how I was raised, I don’t know. But I do not understand the homosexual community. If you are gay…fine. And this goes for straight people, too. But I HATE it when I see people expressing their love for each other in public. A kiss and hug is fine…but to me, there is a limit. If I see two people making out or worse in public, my first thought/instinct is to either throw up or tell to get a room. I have guy friends, sure. But in my opinion, that does not make me “gay”. I just have friends that are guys my age that I grew up with…that’s it. My buddy John is a prime example of this. We have been friends for our entire lives. I love John, but I love him like a brother or a family member. Having said that, one of my cousins is gay. He lives in Texas. But does that change my view or opinion of him? No it doesn’t. He’s family to me. Nothing more or less. It’s not like whenever I see him or talk to him, I’m like, “Oh, it’s my gay cousin.” No, he is my cousin and that’s it. I accept him, as I should. Unlike a lot of Americans out there…or maybe a lot of other people across the world…I usually do not discriminate due to your orientation. I have gay friends and colleagues. To me, they aren’t “queer”. They aren’t “Fags”. They aren’t “carpet munchers” or “cocksuckers”. They are human beings. But again, I do not fully understand or comprehend the gay community. I do not think “two holes make a whole”. But I respect you either way, regardless of what you are. As for the whole marriage thing…I say yes. I think everyone has the right to be happy…or miserable. Human rights, man. I like to joke around about this but if the gay people wanna be miserable like the rest of us that are in relationships, let them. I kid, but I think I have a valid point. I support gay marriage, sure, but I know I am gonna catch shit no matter what stance I take on it. Feel free to weigh in on this topic. Thanks!

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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