via Daily Prompt: Laughter

So I am in no mood to laugh right now. But I feel laughter can be many, many, many things. It can be malicious or fun. Mean or pity. You can laugh at something you think is funny, but others may find offensive.

I feel humor is a huge part of my life. Even now, I feel I could use a good laugh. I am going through kinda a crisis with my dog right now. I am usually the jokester of the group. Laughter is all that keeps me going at times…well, that and the love of my life. I can usually find the light side of things; the “silver lining” if you will.

When my grandfather died is an example of this. Bear with me here. It was a somber service at the Church in Baltimore. My dad and uncles were pallbearers. (My family is Catholic). Well unbeknownst to us, during a funeral, you have to wait for the Priest to go first before carrying the casket out. So my dad and uncles start carrying the casket out and, while my cousin was singing Danny Boy (We are Irish on my dad’s side) the Priest runs after the guys carrying the casket, trying to catch up to them. Again…silver lining.

Then we get to the cemetery. My relatives (dad and uncles carrying the casket) put the casket on the thing to be lowered into the ground…they put it on lopsided. My mom asks the funeral director if they did a good job. Hand-to-God, this guys goes, “Honestly…it could be better.” So I sorta, kinda got to thinking, “I bet Da is up in Heaven laughing his ass off right now.” That made me laugh and cheer up a little. (Da is Irish for “Dad”).

So laughter can take many different forms. It is a very important thing in the world, especially when you take into consideration how screwed up the world is nowadays. The world is going to shit, especially with Trump in office, so we need some comic relief. Actually, maybe Donald Trump is the world’s comic relief. He’s a cartoon character IN THE FLESH! AS PRESIDENT! It’s kinda funny to me. He is a lot of fun to rip on.

Whenever Trump says or does something, my first thought is, “Wow…how can I make this funny?” Laughter is a very universal thing, but in varying forms. Not that laughter is “bad” but it can be in poor taste. Anyway, that is my response to the prompt. Comment if you like. Peace!


Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

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