I have neurotypical parents. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I feel they just don’t “get” me. I would like to work with animals but my dad doesn’t think I am “qualified” enough to do it. Sometimes I just want to get a pet sitting job as kind of a giant “fuck you” to my dad. Is that wrong? I also would like to start my own speaking business, since I am  “qualified”  to talk about Autism. Hell, that’s my job now and I LOVE IT! I know that if my girlfriend and I have a kid someday I would like him/her to have Autism. Again, it may be controversial of me to say that, but hear me out on this.  I would not want them to be so severely impacted that I can’t “handle” it. I hope my kid has about the same level of Autism as I do. That way, they will be easier to relate to. I feel parents who aren’t on the Spectrum trying to relate to their kids that are on the Spectrum is actually pretty insulting. “I know what you’re going through.” Um…no you don’t. You don’t know Jack shit. I am sorry if this is your wake-up call but this is my opinion. If you happen to agree with me GREAT! If not, oh well. You are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine. As always feel free to comment and thanks for reading!

Author: AuTom Spectrum Blog

I have Autism and am a self-advocate and public speaker. On the side I do stand-up comedy. I live in Baltimore County and have an AMAZING girlfriend

One thought on “PARENTS AND AUTISM”

  1. I agree with you hon! They don’t get what we go through. They aren’t the ones living with Autism. We are the only ones who get what we are going through. Neurotypycal people are annoying when they say that they get what we are going through.


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